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  1. Like you, I’d have thought the SSD would be the most robust too, but that has given me the thought of switching to one of the SD cards for playback and seeing if I have a similar issue. Re. the Scorpio, did the drive get replaced and did it solve the issue? Over the years I’ve owned the mix pre, the 744T with a 442, the 552, the 664 (still) and now the 833 and I’ve not had a problem with any of them - this is the first. As far as reliable location mixers go, I think Sound Devices make some great gear. Best Wishes.
  2. I have been in contact with Danny from Sound Devices - was wanting to get a sense of whether it’s an issue with just my 833 (faulty SSD perhaps) or whether it’s more widespread. I’m on an 8 day block currently and it’s happening quite frequently.
  3. Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing problems during playback from SSD with their 833 - I’m up to date with software version 7.10 but I’m getting the error “Problem with SSD during play”. I reformatted the drive but it’s still occurring - any thoughts, experiences from anyone using the 833 appreciated.
  4. I have a similar issue with the cable of a sanken cos 11d that got sprayed with diesel fuel during a reality shoot. I cleaned it initially with warm water and some washing up liquid and with tea tree oil later on. This helped a little but it still tends to develop a residue in the plastic case. It's my "sacrificial mic" now and gets used in any dodgy setups.
  5. I have the Petrol harness but find it places too much weight on my shoulders. I switched to a Kortwich bag with belt to get some of the weight around my waist instead.
  6. re. the "childish" point, perhaps in this context it is - though it's for a worthy cause, raising money for ALS, so nothing wrong with that as far as I can see (unless you count the abuse of the lav mics - though I'd think the sound crew would know what was going on and would mic accordingly - ie. I used an undercover sprayed with medical spray plaster to temporarily waterproof a lav mic that I knew was going to get sprayed with a fire hose once and the mic came through unscathed ) ... Russians have been doing this for years - in sub zero temperatures ... Apparently it gets the kidneys wor
  7. Minus the lapel mics of course ... http://bostinno.streetwise.co/2014/08/13/jimmy-fallon-the-roots-accept-justin-timberlakes-ice-bucket-challenge-on-the-tonight-show/
  8. Hi Jeff, This is still happening when I access the site via a Google search - I encountered it the other day. Not an issue anymore for me as I've bookmarked the forum, but anyone trying to access the site via a search - perhaps for the first time, will be exposed to this. The redirect is relatively benign at the moment, but it could be used to do something nasty and it indicates the website has been compromised. The link Patrick provides above does have a method for fixing the problem which appears to be a Javascript code injection prior to the security patches being applied. This
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