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  1. acdave

    Large Boom pole case

    In the past, I've had Mountain Cork make custom length tubes. Quite inexpensive and easy. Dave Wendlinger
  2. acdave

    Comtek LS-3 replacement foam

    ShubiSnax, Were the Bluecell foam pads thick or paper thin? I've ordered knockoff pads in the past which were very thin and uncomfortable. If they were comfortable, would you mind providing a link to the specific ones? Thanks!
  3. acdave

    SONY MDR-7506

    I've done this, non-invasive and reversible mod, to all my coiled cable headphones. It's not a great video, but the technique works quite well, once you get the hang of it. It takes about five or so minutes. It pretty much eliminates the straight section of a headphone's coiled cable. If you don't like the solution, you can simply undo it.
  4. acdave

    Boom holder for K Tek Articulated pole

    I'm not sure what kind of boom pole holder you have presently, but I just took my boom pole/fishing rod holder, like the Remote Audio Boom Boy, and bent/opened up the diameter of it to accept a boom pole bottom section that I had wrapped with velcro. Didn't take much. I think I used a pipe or large Crescent wrenches to gain some leverage in a vise. A friend would probably work, too.
  5. acdave

    PAID 5.2 Just Released

    Am still looking for suggestions for a Mac-based film production-centric invoicing and accounting software as an alternative to PAID. I've auditioned a few solutions and they're all terribly lacking in either features or function. I resurrected an old MacBookPro running Lion and the old version of PAID. It seems to work just fine and I'll consider this to be a temporary solution until I find that replacement software. I reached out to J.E. Jack, PAID's developer, to try to figure out how to transfer the current PAID data to the old machine, but haven't heard back yet. I'll report back if anyone's interested. Dave
  6. acdave

    PAID 5.2 Just Released

    I just upgraded to High Sierra and now PAID is crashing continually. Too bad, I've been a user of this software for forever. Anyone have a suggestion for a similar production-centric invoicing software for Mac? Thanks!
  7. acdave

    Noise on the return cable from FS7

    So funny. I just had this same experience earlier this week for the first time with an FS7. Minor timecode bleed. I was hard-wired to the camera for both audio and timecode from my SD633. Wasn't recorded on the camera's audio track, but annoying in the camera's return, nonetheless. I'd never heard it before on an FS7, but certainly have on other cameras. I also chalk it up to bad grounding in these lower end cameras and other video devices. My latest question is why some situations allow audio to be carried over the SDI output on cameras and others don't. I've been doing too many last minute, long-distance video villages lately and always hope for a single cable solution to use the video monitor's speaker. That seems to be happening less and less. Also annoying. Dave
  8. acdave

    Happy birthday to our host

    Happy Birthday, Jeff!
  9. acdave

    Mobile cart evolution

    Thanks, Nate!
  10. acdave

    Mobile cart evolution

    Love the cart! What's the brand of the dual paddle antenna mount with what looks like a magnetic third antenna in the middle stuck on a baby plate? Thanks!
  11. acdave

    Sony ECM-51 (skinny Bob Barker mic) help

    I found this online. http://www.angelfire.com/funky/plinkoman/sonyecm51.html It mentions that the mic needs an N type battery. Hope that helps!
  12. acdave

    $.89 NP1 case

    I bought some of these pencil boxes at a Target last week. They're quite hard to find in stores. They seem to be in the special, seasonal, back to school section, hidden in a bin. I checked with Target online...you can't find them online, some sort of a glitch. You can call your local Target store and the following item number should work, but no promises. 081 22 2828, possibly followed by a R01 As shown in the photos above the item name is Up&Up pencil box. My price was 79 cents. The store can do a search by item type and price. Good luck! Dave Wendlinger
  13. Did a search here on jwsound and couldn't come up with anything. I'm looking for an pocket-sized, inexpensive way to display timecode to cameras like GoPros and the like. Also, an inexpensive way of having an AC powered TC display for a multi-cam setup, so I don't have to leave my TC slates with the sticks up all day. Maybe even to hang onto my bag in start/stop docco timecode situations. I ran across these. https://www.microframecorp.com/products/timers-clocks-counters/smpte-video-time-code-generator For $200, they seem like potential solutions. No clappers or other audible sync capabilities, just displays. I'm sure I could attach a set of small clapper sticks or even a clothespin, if needed. Either the Master or the Mini. Anyone have any practical field experience with either of these units? Or, any initial feedback? The reviews I've found online seem positive. Thanks! Dave Wendlinger
  14. acdave

    Free Cases - Come Get 'Em

    Just sent you a PM, Dave. Thanks! Dave Wendlinger
  15. Hi Adam! I'm one of the many people that bent your ear at this year's NAB. Here's a photo of my 14 year old Portabrace bag, model MX-M4II, made for my old PSC M4MkII mixer that I'm currently making work for my SD 633 until something comes along that fits my particular needs better. The photo is of the bag in its most basic setup. The MX-M4II bag's main drawbacks are that it's old and floppy, needing some lightweight structure and that it needs a better space saver for when I don't use the 633's attachable Sony L batteries, which is almost always. It also needs better access to the 633's CF and SD card slots. The general layout works for me. Compact and lightweight, with enough room for my typical jobs. Thanks for listening! Dave Wendlinger San Francisco, CA