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  1. Emanuele, let me know if you have already found boomop for torino and valencia
  2. Hi Emanuele. Pm to me your email, then I forward to you a contact on Torino and maybe Valencia
  3. Are you sure about right email? Got no valid mail address by hotmail server
  4. saggesh

    Zoom F8

    Hello Samuel I'd like to know how much Zoom wants to invest in this product. I see a recent firmware update, but not so significant for semi-professional use. With all the feedbacks from all over the world, now Zoom knows that with little improvement that product could be great. But maybe Zoom doesnt want to?. I'm not sure of buying this product. It has a lot of good features but lacks of few things. The easiest to fix would be the numbering of scenes and takes and shortcuts. Hardware mods also could be improved. Id' like to know if Zoom wants to fix these lacks or not. Maybe a ZoomF8 v2 in the middle of 2016? Thanks a lot Davide
  5. saggesh

    Rycotes new Super-Softie

    Hi Matthias so is the supershield a bit weak than ws4 or is the same? does it make this cloong on handling work?