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  1. its a potentially much longer turn around, but sending it back to sonosax is probably the best option. that way you know you are in good hands.
  2. sometimes two transmitters will interfere with each other if they are close to each other, especially if they are on 250. taking them down to a lower power setting helps.
  3. i think if you are sending a scratch to the mini, you need to have your own cables. you can't rely on production to even know what you are talking about when you ask for the A box, and camera rental house will not always have enough to go around. and then you will be left holding the proverbial bag
  4. post will definitely build a mix, or at least reserve the right to. sometimes they use your mix. but a mix is still essential on set for comteks and video village. many who are listening don't really get the difference between monitoring and what is being recorded, and don't know about building a mix from your ISO's vs the mix on set. Also, in their defense, they want to get lost in the moment and watch the performance, and good audio ie the best mix you can on set is a huge part of that.
  5. also, I have found that to jam the amira, set it to regen, but if you aren't leaving the box on the camera, it will blink in an error mode looking for code when you disconnect unless you put it back to preset after you've jammed.
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