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  1. mrkva

    MixPre knob

    Hi guys, in the meantime I have updated the original knob to a new version, compatible with 10T and 10M recorders. It is available in 3 different colours and shipped within few days since the order https://store.lom.audio/products/mixpre-knob )
  2. having a same problem. sent a photo to sennheiser through their website few months back, no response.
  3. Hey there Daniel, thanks for the feedback! Correct. Correct. Fully balanced, impedance matched output using matched pair of transistors. I use calibrated and certified 1kHz 94dB SPL generator with adaptors (out mics are made to fit 1/2" and 1/4" size standards) and match microphone sensitivities to +/-0.1 dB at same room temperature and humidity. I just purchased a Earthworks M30 microphone with its own calibration file for more precise freq. response measurements (upon request and for internal design purposes). 1 – GND, 2 – signal + power, 3 – NC For the moment I can do it as a custom order only. I have a plan to adapt the mikroUsi microphone line for the pro-location world – making custom versions with locking minijack, TA3, lemo – whatever required for use with wireless transmitters. Right now those can be ordered too via custom order. Best place to get a quote on those is here: support@lom.audio Small addition – we just announced a result of our collaboration with Rycote – Usi microphone mount: https://lom-label.myshopify.com/collections/microphones-accessories/products/rycote-usi-mount Hope that helps! Jonas
  4. Thanks Mattia! Appreciate your feedback! There was one more post here I wanted to responed to but can't find it now. Strange.
  5. Dear all, I'd like to introduce my company named LOM. We are based in Slovakia and we manufacture various microphones and electromagnetic listening devices. You can check our current microphone range on our web store: https://lom-label.myshopify.com/ Let me know if you have any questions! Regards, Jonas Gruska
  6. mrkva

    MixPre knob

    Here you go, photo by David Kamp.
  7. Designed and 3D printed a "knob extender" for my MixPre-6. Even thick headphone jack connector still fits, but the knob has a better grip and is easier to reach when operated in a bag. Download the .stl file (for 3D printing) here: http://knowledge.lom.audio/research/mixpre_knob Or get it from our company here: https://lom-label.myshopify.com/products/mixpre-knob
  8. Nice catch! I've sent it to the illustrator for inspiration
  9. Hello everyone, Together with an illustrator Martina Paukova, we have prepared a t-shirt dedicated to all the field recordists, phonographers and sound enthusiasts. "Field recording is all about capturing an immersive environment or recording a sound that has never ever been heard before. But once a while there comes "The Moment". It might be finding an abandoned rubber plant in a rainforest, or stumbling upon a duck whose quacks sound like lasers. This t-shirt commemorates epiphany of a field recording - in this case it's a recording of a very rare white flamingoose." High-quality print on US-made t-shirts, which will last. Order here: http://teespring.com/fieldrecordist
  10. mrkva

    Uši microphones

    Hey Karri, didn't I respond? If not, please contact me via e-mail at zvukolom (at) zvukolom.org I might have missed it. I try to answer everything ASAP, but it is a one-man operation at the moment Jonas
  11. Hello everyone, I'd like to present you these mics I am making. It is all hand-made by me, in Slovakia, Europe. You'll find bunch of sample recordings on the website. There are two versions - Uši (with mini-jack, for "mic-in" inputs) and Uši Pro (with XLRs). Let me know if you have any questions! Regards, Jonas
  12. I also recommend a movie which was made about his work and mission called "The Soundtracker".
  13. Whoa, that looks pretty weird. Can anyone do the same measurement with SD 7xx recorder?
  14. And how did it go? Which coiled cable have you used?
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