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  1. they seem to be available on amazon.co.uk and wendy broadcast also lists them, so maybe an UK only item. personally I'd rather have the Lectro built version, but it seems to be tricky to find in Europe (at least without taking desperate measures and picking up a phone to call the usual suspects).
  2. their download page has slightly more info: 633 Firmware v4.61 Released: January 08, 2020 Fixes Improved SD Card write performance Various system enhancements and improvements.
  3. they mention this in the firmware changes: Change Current draw has been reduced, allowing for longer run times on a given power source. External Li-Ion battery shut-off voltage threshold has been reduced from 12.5 to 11.5 V. This allows for longer run times and is better suited to the battery’s capabilities.
  4. No composing, but I usually use HD-25 and also listen to music with them. I like them and got used to it, but they are a bit too bright. recently somebody suggested the Beyerdynamic DT 240 Pro to me, I tested them and immediately bought a pair. They sound more natural then the HD-25 and the price is fantastic (about 70Euro over here). Best value I‘ve ever seen in a headphone, very much recommended. I also like that they are compact and I don‘t have to worry about loosing them. I also tested some headphones (AKG, Beyerdynamic, Sennheiser) in the 200-300Euro range for music a few years back, but bought none of them since I still preferred the HD-25 at the time. Also have the Sony 7506 but find them too muddy for most things (probably not helped by the fact that I‘m used to the bright HD-25). just some thoughts chris
  5. curious, which mics did you use there?
  6. curious: have you talked to somebody at lectro directly? they have some the best support I've ever seen and likely could tell if the unit has any protection or not, and if not why or what else could have been the problem. chris
  7. they mention december availability twice in the comments. we'll see what this really means, but certainly seems that it will be possible to get them in the very near future.
  8. unfortunately this is not how green screen works. but masking a mic in shot out manually usually takes 30 seconds (just dont hold it in front of the face
  9. much smaller then I expected: they write available in December, no other info otherwise.
  10. it's in part three of the interview towards the end (you can see the one made for Brauner there). The person behind it is Jürg Vogt, there's an interview with him here: https://www.lightsoundjournal.com/2016/05/29/interview-with-jurg-vogt-ceo-of-vovox/ ps: just found the webpage: https://vovox.com/collections/mikrofonkabel# shielded microphone cables seem to be a bit bulky and come in around 130EUR for a 3.5m cable sorry for getting off topic.
  11. I used to think that there is no difference in sound between quality cables, but then I heard an interview with Dirk Brauner (the guy building the famous Brauner microphones) where he tells the story that he didn't believe in the cable hype, but some kind swiss guy talked him into trying one of his special cables and after he tried it he now ships all Brauner mics with that cable. I still doubt I can hear a difference with my mediocre ears but I definitely trust Dirk Brauner more on then me on that! here's the interview for those who speak german:
  12. chrismedr

    New SD 833

    pretty sure the total track count doesn't change, but you can hook up more AES devices and route them to any track. chris
  13. well, TCS just got acquired by Atomos: https://www.4kshooters.net/2019/10/28/atomos-announces-timecode-systems-acquisition/
  14. and apart from the weight, there is of course a slight difference in price which might influence the choice as well if you don't need the track count ; )
  15. Rode has a new shotgun mic, NTG5 short story is that it's RF based, lighter, shorter and cheaper then the NTG3, with supposedly better performance. seems to have pretty hot output, rolloff at 100Hz and 3dB boost around 4-10kHz. I tried to compare polar patterns but their graph lacks a dB scale. 500USD as a set with softie and shock mount. more info https://ntg5.rode.com datasheet: http://cdn1.rode.com/ntg5_datasheet.pdf and a video: and a write up from newsshooter: https://www.newsshooter.com/2019/10/23/rode-announces-all-new-ntg5-broadcast-shotgun-microphone/
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