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  1. videojc

    TC setting and Denecke slates

    The sound is separate from the video. I think I can just go old school and record 30fps ND recorded on the sound track and sent to the slate. What does it matter that the time code or frame rate of the camera is different.? In post the sync mark will be the slate clapper. They will set the in point with the clapper and go from there. They will use plural eyes or something else to lock the tracks. The key point is the start point.....the slate clapper. No??
  2. videojc

    TC setting and Denecke slates

    Hey all. Thanks for the info. I am planning on using 30 nd TC anyway since I just heard that the dp is using a sony fs7 without time code. So, since I won't be syncing with a camera, 30nd should be fine, correct? But I will probably send my slate in for an upgrade for future work that involves sending code to a camera. I appreciate your input.
  3. videojc

    TC setting and Denecke slates

    Hey Jeff, I also own an old denecke slate. I just started using my SD 633. I know my slate won't jam from the 633 if the recorder is set to 23.98. I wonder if the slate will still show correct code if I leave it plugged in to the 633 and not try to jam it.
  4. Thanks for all the input. Believe it or not, I am working on a filmed interview next week. The DP will be using An Aaton and I will be running my Nomad at 25 fps Time code....The Brits ....don't you know.
  5. I loved this question and am still confused. I am using my Sony EX3 and the other DP on the job is using a Canon C300 and a Canon C100. He will be shooting 1080 at 23.98p. The closest setting on my EX3 is 1080 HQ 24p. There is no 23.98 setting on my EX3 but as far as I know even though the setup menu says 24p, it is actually recording at 23.98 so it should be the same as what the man with the Canon cams is shooting. Am I correct, ?? Thanks