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  1. What box does this? Do i have to use 1 box for sending the signal over cat5/6/7 and another to receive it and send to recorder? Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the help everyone. I tested the G3 receivers with a 15meter (50feet) multicore cable and the quality loss is minimal. Im going to use this 15meter(50feet) cable this time. Next month i will follow the advice of David@IronFilm: mod the G3 with SMA, use a RF distro, and place antennas closer to set. Just one more help: Which Distro Box and antenna do you recommend to use with the G3 modded? Is there any good quality RF distro box and antenna for a short budget? I read somewhere about Leicozic distro and antennas. Anyone use this? The antenna has to be active? Thanks again!
  3. I thought about that, but as this job is next week i dont have the time to mod the G3 and order the RF distro and antennas. I will probably do that in the future, but for next week i will have to go with cable. Im just afraid of ordering one of this long multicore cables for the boom and lavs because i have never used them before, and i dont know if i will have noises or loss of sound quality.
  4. Hi everyone, Im looking for some advice. I have a Sound Devices 664 + CL6 and 8 TX+RX Sennheiser G3. I need to put the RX in a stand closer to the set and bring the sound to my cart. I live in Portugal so I will have to buy it in a European store and I was thinking of having a multicore with a stagebox like the: pro snake MC 1622 (€ 179) or Cordial Multicore CYB C 12/4 (€ 322) coming from Thomann. As I have a stage box I also send the 2 booms in multicore. Is there some inconvenience or loss of sound quality in sending booms and lavaliers in a multicore like those of 30 meters (100feet). Noises? Loss of signal? Any feedback of anyone using pro Snake or Cordial cables? Thank you for your help.
  5. Thanks all for the answers, im going to try first the wax paper. Thanks.
  6. Hello everyone, I have an old VDB boom with over 10 years old. I disassembled it to clean, washed the tubes and collars and I will lubricate the threads with silicone grease as I read here on the forum. I would like to know what products you use after cleaning the tubes. Pledge polish? Carnauba Paste Wax (Turtle Wax or other)? Collinite 845 Liquid Insulator Wax? Thanks
  7. Hi, I have 4 Sanken Cos-11 and im looking for some cheap headsets compatible with them. Anyone found some ebay or aliexpress cheap headsets that can be used with the Cos-11? Thanks
  8. Hi, I have been using 4 OST TL-40 since 2014, now they have the option of Flexible or Original cable. Anyone tried the flexible cable? For $100 the OST TL-40 still the best lavalier option? Thanks, Pedro Adamastor
  9. Thanks everyone. I ended up buying NP1 batteries and charger from SWIT and the Hawkwood NPA-SQN from Pink Noise in UK. The shipping to Portugal was very fast and they were very helpful.
  10. Thanks Axel and LarryF for your help. Im going to try to find this batteries here in Portugal or some european store.
  11. Thanks Peter, but the Rolls PM50s dont run on batteries, just with power adapter right? The PM55P has batteries but is 2x the price of the ART. But im still looking for more information before i buy them. By the way what 9v batts you use? And charger? Thanks for the help. Thanks for you post Zach. I havent bought it yet, but i read this from a buyer review: "I bought this device for a non-standard use, and it works very well. I record sound on location for a local tv show. My boom operator (when I use one) needs to be able to hear what's coming thru the boom mic. The MyMONITOR fills the need very well. The boom mic plugs into the input of the unit and another XLR cable runs to my mixer/recorder. The operator plugs in a set of headphones (there are two jacks), and we're off to the races. The unit passes phantom power to the mic with no issue." I believe the XLR Mic Thru will not change the sound that goes from the mic to the mixer, but havent tested it yet.
  12. Hi, im planning to buy 2 ART MyMonitor (personal headphone monitor mixer) for my boom operators (so they can hear their boom without having to send them audio from the Sound Devices 664) (cant afford the Sound Devices MM-1 or Rolls PM55P now). I will need to buy some 9v batteries and charger. Should i go Lithium Ion or Nickel-Metal Hydride? Never used Li ion rechargeable batts, whats the pros and cons? Which ones you use and recommend? I live in Europe, so it would be great to know a european store that has them. Thanks Pedro Adamastor
  13. Thanks Mike. After searching for alternatives i decided im going to spend a little more and buy the NP1 batteries and charger from SWIT and the hawkwood NPA-SQN. Thank you for the help. Pedro Adamastor
  14. Hi everyone. I just bought a Sound Devices 664. Im going to use it with 2x Sennheiser 416 + 4 Sennheiser G3 with OST TL40. Im looking for a reliable but not very expensive way to power the 664. Im not going to power anything else besides the 664 in my Petrol PS603 bag (the Sennheiser G3 run on AA bat). Any advice for reliable batteries to buy in Europe and reliable adaptor to connect them to 664 will be great and help me in the decision. Thanks.
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