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Found 1 result

  1. I've gone over the relevant threads, which were very helpful (and must publicly aknowledge Marc Wielage for his time on email and over the phone, helping me figure out this issue,) but I couldn't find an answer to this particular issue. I have an upcoming shoot that includes playback of a track, which a few 9-year olds (background) will lip-synch to. I've built a striped-timecode playback track, with the appropriate countdown beeps, by summing both stereo tracks into the L channel and TC on the R channel. Regular speed is 23.98 and we're shooting with an Alexa. They also requested a 60fps version and a 120fps version. I did the math and used a Pro Tools plug-in that speeds up the track(s) without affecting the pitch. I'm feeding the TC channel to a Comtek 216MHz tx, which sends its signal to a TS-3 slate connected to a receiver in the appropriate channel. When running 23.98fps everything is perfect. However, any other speed shows jumbled numbers on the slate. I spoke to Charlie at Denecke about this, and he said it would read 60fps, but the slate won't read even that speed. So I have two questions: 1) if I switch to a higher-resolution wireless system (I have a couple of Sony UWP kits that I use for camera hops,) will the slate be able to resolve the higher speed(s)? 2) Should I stripe 23.98fps timecode on the higher-speed tracks, sending those reference tracks to post, so they can at least line them up with the camera's visual cues? Thankful in advance for any suggestions or comments you might offer, BK
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