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Found 1 result

  1. I've found some third party Lemo-compatible screw-on type 3-pin connectors that I much prefer over the actual Lemo version. These are the connectors that would be used with a Zaxcom transmitter, or higher end Sennheiser model. When I first got some of these I thought they were Lemo brand and that the company had improved them. Then, I realized that they were a third party version. These connectors use a tightening collar strain relief (that can be reused) rather than the crimp style that Lemo screw-ons have. Picture a strain relief more like what Neutrik XLRs use. They are easier to both wire and assemble (you don't need a special tool) and can be reused. One caution is that if you're removing a previous cable, be very careful not to pry the tiny strain relief "fingers" out too far (in order to release the old cable), as they can break. Including the vinyl boot, the original Lemo version is made up of seven parts, this one has only five. The vinyl boot comes standard with this version, whereas you need to order it separately with the actual Lemo. These connectors seem to screw on and off the Zaxcom transmitters easier than the actual Lemos. ...Oh, and they cost less, too. I stumbled onto a few some time back and then searched for months to find a source for them -- to finally discover they are readily available via our regular suppliers -- if only you know what to ask for and where to tell the dealer to source them from. It's a simple as: Call your favorite professional sound dealer (what we here call, "The Usual Suspects") and tell them to order "Reusable 3-Pin Lemo Connectors" from Redding Audio. The Redding Part Number is "RED16". They can be found on the Audio Limited price list. Redding Audio is the distributor for Schoeps, Rycote, Ambient, and Voice Technologies, among others, so any professional sound dealer who serves our industry, already has a working relationship with them. The top photo below is of a standard Lemo screw-on 3-pin connector (minus the boot), and the bottom photo is of the improved (in my opinion) connector. This version may even end some people's hatred of wiring Lemo connectors.
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