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Found 2 results

  1. Hi All, I need get a custom cable made to adapt the TA5f return plug of my Nomad umbilical to the unbalanced 3.5mm return input of other mixers such as 552 etc. The Nomad return input pin out is as follows. Pin 1 - Ground Pin 2 - Channel A (Left) ( + ) Pin 3 - Channel A (Left) ( - ) Pin 4 - Channel B (Right) ( + ) Pin 5 - Channel B (Right) ( - ) Is it fine for me to leave 2 of the pins on the adapter cable's TA5 male not connected? Like this: TA5m Pin1 _ Gnd _ Sleeve TA5m Pin2 _ A(+) _ Tip TA5m Pin3 _ nc TA5m Pin4 _ B(+) _ Ring TA5m Pin5 _ nc
  2. Hi all, I am new here. The only thing I have soldered in the past are straight XLR and TRS cables. I need some assistance in making a new cable. I already have the tools, the connectors, and some spare starquad. I would like to make a cable that is as follows: 3.5mm TRS to (2) XLRf I do not want the cable to act as a splitter. I want each XLRf connector to have a different channel. My intention is to feed a device with ONE stereo input (3.5mmTRS) signals from two different audio sources with XLR outputs This cable will only be 2-3ft. long. My thoughts: The tip of the TRS connector will get pin2HOT from the first XLRf The ring of the TRS connector will get pin2HOT from the second XLRf I do not know what to do with the pin3COLDS from either connector (if anything) Further, do I solder grounds from both XLRf's to the sleeve of the TRS connector? Help me please.
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