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Found 6 results

  1. Does anyone know of any place to rent a basic field audio kit in St. Louis? A place similar to Trew Audio?
  2. I'm not the biggest fan of B&H but they've got some strange deal on a MKH416 for the next 6 hours. /dw
  3. After a successful year of upgrading Schoeps CMC4 microphones to 48V phantom, I'd like make the JWsound community aware of the www.416Tupgrade.com service, for conversion of T-powered MKH Sennheiser series microphones to 48V phantom power. The upgrade is available for 416, 415, 816, 815, 415 and 406 microphones. http://www.416Tupgrade.com Thank you Pete Verrando
  4. I know a lot of people here (and everywhere) love the 416 and use it extensively. However, is that because they have been using it for so long and haven't tried the 8060 (which I think Sennheiser hints as 416's newest replacement)? Or are there many people who have tried the 8060 and returned it in favour of sticking with the 416? I haven't had the chance to use either, and am debating which one to get for outdoor booming. I'm in Pakistan and it's noisey here so directionality and rejection of unwanted ambience is of prime importance. Also, I know there are other threads in which 8060 is discussed and loved, but I'm specifically interested in people who have exchanged the 8060 for a 416. Thanks
  5. Hello guys & girls I thought you might like to see this outdoor test we did with some microphones, a few of which are not generally considered to be used outdoors at all. The results here may surprise you. Despite YouTube's compression, I was still surprised that to hear that the Sound Devices mixer did not totally blow away the Beachtek going straight to camera. I thought the difference would be night and day. It wasn't, to my ears. Just my opinion, obviously. Check it out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CpTT8_B-MBk - Paul - Your thoughts?
  6. Lately I've been having noise issues with my 416 and my rode blimp, namely the switch-craft connector that connects to the 416. I've had to use snot tape inside and outside the mic to xlr connection and it STILL makes some noise when the pole is moved around a little to hard. HAs anybody had any problems with the Rode Blimp and a 416? It seems to me there is just a bit too much room between them when they are connected. I want to upgrade to a Rycote or a Cinela mount at some point, but for right now this is what I got. Anybody in the same boat?
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