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Found 1 result

  1. Hi there, First post here. I'm about to start filming a contemporary dance film wich include a great part with sync playback where the dancing has to move along with the music. This is my first time doing this kind of production and I'm looking for some wisdom to reproduce an accurate master playback dupe (1h running time approx.) with timecode through my 788T SSD, or recording a reference guide track into the 788T from a CD player in order to make the syncronization possible in the editing room. The idea is to use the same master playback dupe for the shooting and editing as well. I wonder wich option suits best for the occasion: using the 788T as playback machine, or to record a reference guide track. A single Arri Alexa will be used, running at 25 fps. Due to the single camera workflow, the production will be very paused and the need for accurate playback reproduction is a must. I need some advice on the making of the master playback dupe with timecode process. I understand that I have to make a mono version of the music in one track, and timecode recorded on the other. My questions are: 1- Can I record timecode directly from the timecode output of the 788T into Pro Tools, add the mono track version of the music and then trim the timecode track to the duration of the music for finally make a stereo bounce or export both region as files (interleaved)? 2- In the case I playback the master dupe from a CD player and record the music and timecode in separated ISO tracks, will the 788T recognize the timecode from the CD? How can I do to get the timecode from the CD out of the 788T into a digital slate? 3-On the other hand, if I can playback the master dupe from the 788T in order to get a precisely reproduction of the music. Will the 788T recognize the internal timecode from the master playback dupe, or will generate one of its own, depending the timecode mode? Will the digi slate recognize the timecode coming from the master dupe if I assign its channel to an output of the 788T? Shall I route the outputs of the 788T (used for playback) into another recorder, or it's enough feeding the camera from the 788T? It's possible I'm missing other important options or questions to keep in mind. Waiting for some advice as soon as possible, thanks to you all! Sincerely, Santiago Fumagalli
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