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Found 5 results

  1. Hi All, on a recent sfx shoot I've been using Sennheiser 8060 along with RSM 191 (both plugged into Zaxcom Nomad) , and experienced this weird noises from the Sennheiser mic. Any idea what caused it? It has gone away after a short while... sennheiser noise sample.mp3
  2. UPDATE: Just wanted to set the record straight on this one. I swapped out my WS-1 for the non ZLM one, so the lyres are now stiffer and it now works fine. I now think that the funny ringing might have been some weird combination of my boom pole, the lyres and the basket all being in sympathetic resonance. I would like to say that the 8060 WS-1 combo is really fantastic. The basket is just a great size, and the mic is basically just like a 416 but nice and short and with a better wider sweet spot. I tested the WS-1 fur in high wind the other day and it works great. I'm very happy. I would say however that I wouldn't but the ZLM version. It's unnecessary as you can fit a short XLR in a normal kit just fine. Con box is not worth the money. Cheers Chris 'So I received my Rycote kit 1 MZL basket for my new 8060 and just thought I'd make an observation. I know this has been mentioned before but just wanted an opinion. So, with the basket removed, there is almost no handling noise. With the basket on, there is an awful amount of low frequency handling noise. If you flick the basket, and watch carefully you can see it ringing like a bell. This is clearly amplifying the handling noise. All this indicates that the lyres work well, but the basket is the problem....... I imagine this goes away once you add the fur, but I just wondered if anyone had a trick for dampening the basket a little? What I'm going to try tomorrow is to buy one of those stick on car deadening panels and cut a thin strip off it, then stick it inside in a kind of spiral running inside the basket. I'll let you know how it goes obvs.... maybe this could be something which Rycote could 'build in' in future versions.... PS. I know you can remove the handling noise with LF cuts, and that if I were any good as a sound recordist, I wouldn't have handling noise etc. blah blah.... etc etc... UPDATE: I tried the fur makes almost no difference, so damping the basket won't work it seems...'
  3. I've just bought an old stock 8060 for a reduced price. Did anyone ever work out which serial numbers were 'revision 1' with the earth problems? Can anyone who has had problems with this mic please post their serial numbers here? (or is that a dodgy thing to do?). Cheers Chris
  4. I know a lot of people here (and everywhere) love the 416 and use it extensively. However, is that because they have been using it for so long and haven't tried the 8060 (which I think Sennheiser hints as 416's newest replacement)? Or are there many people who have tried the 8060 and returned it in favour of sticking with the 416? I haven't had the chance to use either, and am debating which one to get for outdoor booming. I'm in Pakistan and it's noisey here so directionality and rejection of unwanted ambience is of prime importance. Also, I know there are other threads in which 8060 is discussed and loved, but I'm specifically interested in people who have exchanged the 8060 for a 416. Thanks
  5. Anyone actually using this accessory? Is the Cable Stiff or soft and Flexible? I Want to use it for my MS Rig from my 8040/50 microphone and install a Binder connector to go to the Rycote Con-Box. Thanks
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