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Found 2 results

  1. Since 1st of March our ASF-1 hydrophone is finally shipping! Right now we do our best to cope with all the backorders as soon as possible. As underwater is the most demanding environment for gear, we thoroughly tested the ASF-1 all over Europe. Please enjoy our short videos, documenting some tests of the last months. The videos show how we continuously increased the demands on the ASF-1. So let's begin with the first test in the German Alps, more videos will follow: https://vimeo.com/123313111
  2. We are very excited to announce six new products at NAB! In addition, we will show some updates to a few products we currently offer. Since the introduction of the ACL 204 at NAB 2011, we have doubled our software engineering resources, and partnered with some of the biggest companies in our industry like Arri, Adobe, Sound Devices, and more... to create the products we will now introduce to you. Finally, our hardware and software meet in the middle so we can offer a very powerful and comprehensive on-set metadata system – the Ambient Clockit Network. We invite every single one of you to our NAB booth #C544, where we look forward to giving you a detailed demonstration. We are bringing Ambient's largest NAB booth staff to date to best answer all your questions. We hope you will be as excited about these new products as we are! The Master Lockit ACN-ML The all new ACN-ML is the most powerful time code device we have ever built. It is a time code master, wireless video proxy server, and "On the Set" metadata synchronization hub. The ACN-ML Master Lockit is both the flagship and hub of the sophisticated Ambient Clockit Network System. It provides a rock solid, highly accurate, temperature compensating time code generator. With a powerful, new processor architecture, it delivers established ACN features like 0.0ppm drift (thanks to continous jam) as well as generator buffered time code transceiver mode, and more. »Built-In WiFi enables ACN communication between iPads« The built-in WiFi router enables iPads running LockitSCRIPT and Tonmeister apps to automatically sync all metadata. It serves as the metadata synchronization hub as it's onboard webserver collects and stores all metadata on the set. Meanwhile, iPads running LockitSCRIPT and Tonmeister apps maintain a local data backup. »ARRI ALEXA communication plus collection of critical metadata with most cameras« Ambient has partnered with ARRI to integrate ALEXA metadata protocol into the ACN-ML via ethernet. This enables the Master Lockit to provide the ALEXA with the driftless time code while the Master Lockit simultaneously collects metadata . In addition, it has built-in GP I/O and LANC ports, enabling the Master Lockit to collect record start / stop positions of most cameras, including Red, Blackmagic, and Panasonic. »Wireless video proxy distribution directly into the LockitSCRIPT app« Thanks to our partnership with Teradec and Vitec the ACN-ML can interface with their recorders, store up to 64GB of video, and distribute video proxys directly into the LockitSCRIPT app. These video clips are associated with the collected metadata. Now you can use the LockitSCRIPT app to reference actual video clips within associated takes and scenes, while accessing all data collected during that shot! WiFi routing for communication between LockitScript and Tonmeister apps Proxy streaming and recording with Terradeck or Vitec streaming boxes Collects and stores all ACN distributed metadata Forwards metadata to iOS devices via WiFi / Bluetooth LE Integrated webserver Reads and stores Arri Alexa metadata via ethernet Reads and stores rec start/stop tc of all cameras with GP I/O or Lanc Highly accurate Lockit time code generator Generator buffered time code transceiver Drift of less than 1 frame a day (~0,1ppm) No drift at all within the ACN Supports all used frame rates OLED Display readable even in brightest sunlight Adjustable time code output for recording TC on audio track Price: $ 1337 Availability: June 2014 The LockitSCRIPT app: The Ultimate Communication Tool for Motion Picture and Television Production The Ambient LockitScript iOS app is designed to quickly simplify, organize, and edit documentation for continuous communication through all departments on a production set, and continue communication through the post-production process. Designed for Script Supervisors in mind, has an easy to use intuitive communication tool developed in close cooperation with industry professionals to simplify, enhance, and automate every aspect of production communication. Features: Import and synchronize preps, schedules, and call sheets from Preproducer via a free-of-charge Ambient LockitScript account. Script import from common solutions as Final Draft or Adobe Story. Add comments, and mark off-dialogues with simple to learn gestures. Intuitive GUI with value-added tools including stop watch (editable), stage documentation, and integrated iPad camera function. Integrated Teradek and Vitec Video Livestream Split scenes and stops Comprehensive schedule reporting for all departments Customizable shortcuts and quick access documentation tools including: equipment in use (cameras, lenses, …), pre-sets and settings, often used take comments, etc. Multiple cameras with all used file counting models Creation of lined scripts with on and off passages and comment function Automatic generation of PDFs or editable Excel report sheets. The optional Ambient LockitSCRIPT* cloud-based production service is available for ALE and XML export files, instant delivery of customizable reports and exchange files directly to post production! Future (June) free of charge updates: Automatic time code and metadata integration over the Ambient Clockit Network (ACN) on production sets using ACN-equipped Ambient Lockits with the ACN-BT Bluetooth Dongle. Within the ACN clips are automatically created when a camera or 788T are in record Transmits the slate numbers to the Ambient Tonmeister App Video proxy distribution with Teradek and Vitec streaming systems in combination with the Ambient ACN Master Lockit. *Additional services like customized reports or ALEs are available at affordable daily rates. More details will be available soon. Price on appstore: $ 44.99 Availability: On iTunes store on 7th of April
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