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Found 11 results

  1. Heyday world! I would like to address the Sound Devices users and Zoom F4/Zoom F8 users especially. I need a new recorder...and possibly a good mic or a matched pair. I thought of a Zoom F4, but also considering a SD recorder/mixer. I'm about to embark on a loooong journey (years, possibly forever), in a van, all by myself, to capture and explore the beauty of our planet. (I will start in Europe and slowly drive to Asia). I will actively look for the most quiet/remote places, far from cities or traffic. I will record sound and picture (one man band for now) and create atmospheric observational documentaries... with personality Sound will be essential. Most likely I'll add my voice-over here and there. I will also interview interesting people along the way. I have the budget to sustain myself for about a year. I intend to sustain my journeys from this activity after this time...Living the dream:)) I will focus mostly on recording clear, isolated natural sounds (especially from the low end category) to complement my videos. I imagine distant sounds, or even low-input micro sounds. The more bassy and rhythmical the sound, the better :)). That's something I need to discover... But of course, I would also want to record crickets and frogs in the night or water drips in a big cave... I also compose soundtrack music and would love to create synth instruments using these sounds. I have good Logic/Pro Tools/FCPX knowledge for post. Audio equipment >> What I have already (not much...): ----------------------------------- 1 Rode NTG3 set, bling blips and all 1 Sennheiser G2 lavalier set 1 USB battery pack. ----------------------------------- I didn't include my previous recorder as it's useless (noisy) for what I want to do). My fixed budget for a recorder and possibly a new mic is around $1900 (£1600)...yes I know. Initially I wanted to get an used SD 7XX and 2X Line Audio CM3 and forget about it. But then Zoom F4 came to my attention... It's not SD quality of course, but because I don't have a dedicated low noise (high sens) mic for silent sources (MKH 30 40 50 or maybe a 8040), getting the SD recorder alone won't help me much. Besides, I'd love an audio interface when I record my voice. SD MixPre 2 / UsbPre 2 can offer this, but their preamps are a tiny bit noisier than a 7XX anyway, plus I'd need a high DR recorder on top of that. What would you do if you were in my shoes? At the moment, my plan is to get the F4 + a decent low noise, outdoors mic (or pair) for silent sources (under 16dbA) (aprox $1000). I've been intensely browsing the net for samples to hear the F4 + NTG3 cranked up to about 60db (75db would most likely be useless) compared to SD + NTG3 at its acceptable noise limit to hear what I'd miss. Or...samples of F4/SD with a stereo mic (up to $1k) at its maximal level of acceptable noise. There is no such thing on the internet, so it's difficult to take a decision. If I can't get acceptable results with Zoom F4, then I'll get the SD recorder and use the NTG3 (13DbA self noise) and CM3 (16DbA, lower sens) at their max capacity . I also considered taking a NT1 or NT2 instead .... all covered up in fluff to reduce the unwanted brightness). If you have such samples, or can make some please share! Silent environments with 1-2 main sound sources. From your experience with Z4/Z8 so far, will I be able to achieve what I have in mind with it? Will I be able to record silent sources at a level that would help me fund my future journeys and possibly upgrade to more pro equipment? What mic would you recommend in this case? Thanks!
  2. Hi everybody, Today is a good day, ... After long hours, weeks, months, and years we finally launched our all new website. www.ambient.de/en Only one part of the page still needs to be fed and I would heartily invite you to help us filling it. What are the most frequently asked questions you have to face when dealing with timecode, sync, boom poles, underwater recordings, or any other Ambient product? We would like to collect them all and make our FAQ section a useful source of advice to anybody needing help in the field. We'll add videos, active PDFs and interactive tutorials in the future to make it as helpful as possible. Please just throw question in this thread or mail them to timo@ambient.de Thanks a lot for your help! Cheers TImo P.S. I hope you like the new site
  3. Hey all, I will be taking a 6 day trip to Big Bend in Texas and I plan on recording some ambiences while I'm there. I curious what setup will be better, my 552 or my mix pre d/744t combo. i will have 2 schoeps cmc's on a stereo bar of sorts. I will have access to solar charging but I'm concerned about the power hog 744t. I'm really interested in getting some very hi res recordings (Im thinking digital out of the mix pre d and 192k/24b) Does anyone have experience with this sorta setup/recording? Tips/Advice?
  4. http://vimeo.com/71959025 With firmware 3.1 for the Tiny Lockit and the Lockit we added a few exceedingly powerful features. "Use your Lockit to send the camera time code to your recorder without the fear of wireless dropouts!" The new software integrates a TC transceiver mode to the units using the already existing ACN network hardware. So without additional equipment your Lockit is now a fully functional time code transmitter or receiver. Thanks to the internal generator running in the background, TC dropouts are a relic of the past. "No need to tune your Lockits with the rental ones anymore!" Using the already well accepted ACN sync broadcast we added a nifty invisible feature. The new sync broadcast doesn't stop after the first broadcast but it will resend smaller timestamps every four seconds. All receiving units will compare their internal generated time code with the highly accurate timestamp and pull up or down the generator speed until they are completely matched. This is done imperceptible and without having to press extra buttons. The only thing you’ll notice that you never get bothered again by post about drift or offset problems when using Lockits from various sources. Even more this makes the system now suitable for line-sync online editing. "Sync your Pro Tools system with all cameras during a concert shot!" When you connect your Lockit or Tiny Lockit to your PC or MAC it will be recognized immediately as Audio/ Midi device. Just select your unit in your DAW as time code source and you're ready to rock. Now you get the camera TC into your software or you can use your Session TC on your cameras. If you own a Lockit you can even wordclock sync your Audio Interface to the camera video sync. This means that you can shoot a whole festival and trust that your cameras and your audio stay in sync. Lockit Firmware Tiny Lockit Firmware Installation Guide Video Enjoy your new features Your Ambient Team
  5. Munich, Germany 4th of April 2013 Ambient Recording goes Premium with the all new QS boompole For more than 20 years Ambient Recording has produced professional carbon fiber boompoles. The tubes used for our products are not off the shelf items but specially manufactured to our own specification using upscale yet still affordable Hi-Q modulus carbon fibers. This high quality soon made Ambient the leading manufacturer for professional booms in many parts of the world. Now we wanted to go one step beyond and construct our masterpiece. The QS boompole is handmade out of Pre-preg carbon. This is an extremely time-consuming way of production but it gives us the possibility to design the tube characteristics layer by layer. Our aim was to create a boom so stiff, lightweight and well balanced that the boom op can control his microphone like a surgeon controls his scalpel but from an 18 feet distance! Besides the tubing we refashioned the screw locks for better grip when working with gloves. The result we achieved is nothing less than the stiffest, most precise boom on the market that can truly be called the best pole we ever built. Facts - Weight: 37 oz - Length: 5.1' collapsed to 17.7' extended (with optional QP 120 up to 22') - Availability: Shipping starts 15th of May See you at NAB booth C2059 and C3027
  6. @AmbientRec I just took a swift snapshot of the first ACM-204 Lockit Mount before I disassembled it again, to ship it to Redding Audio USA. The ACM-204 can be screwed to your aluminum Lockit within seconds (4screws). For anybody not owning one of the new anniversary edition Lockits, don't be disappointed, The ACM-TL will be shipped soon, too. It will be delivered with screws for the Tiny Lockit and an adhere tape to be fixed to all your other Clockit devices. Why not screwing, too? That's because we are using self-cutting screws for our plastic bodies. Thus, unscrewing them would decrease their load capacity. This way we couldn't be sure that the backplate will withstand the roughest conditions. But durability is one of the main things Ambient products stand for. The adhere tape we deliver is incredibly strong and combined with the self-cutting screws the ACM-TL just won't break.
  7. Dear Ambient customers in the United States and Canada, We are happy to announce that from now on Redding Audio will be our exclusive distributor for the USA and Canada. This is a big step forward for our North American business and will bring a lot of advantages to you as customers. Since Redding will keep our products in stock, availability of Ambient products at your local dealer will be improved drastically and shipping costs will be significantly reduced compared to now. Thanks to that, even small products like our boompole accessories, our power supply, EMP adaptors and microphone power supply will be attractive add-ons for our US portfolio. Furthermore we will be setting up a much more convenient service structure in the USA. We are proud of our high quality standard. In the event that an Ambient product breaks, you can feel confident that the turnaround time will be as short as possible. And now we would like to take the chance to particularly thank Scott Boland for his personal devotion and commitment. Thank you for your trust in our company, we hope that by this move we will be closer to you and your needs. Your Ambient Recording team
  8. Happy birthday to you! 20 years Lockit!! We celebrate this event with an extraordinary limited aluminum special edition and new accessories... A good 20 years ago Guenter Knon worked for the German candid camera TV show. After countless episodes he was getting tired of lining up the Nagras and cameras in the morning each and every day. So he and Chris Price sat down together and after one year and several prototypes the first ACL Lockit was born. In the following 20 years this fellow became more and more famous and reproductive. Thus it rapidly became the head of the well-known Clockit family. This clan was so powerful that they were able to take over the leadership of the international portable sync and time code market. Their strength was based on their internal accuracy, their ability to be tuned to match all situations, and most importantly, on a network of good friends and supporters worldwide. We want to celebrate this with an extraordinary Special Edition of our recent ACL 204: THE ACL 204 anniversary edition… …is a limited run of 200 units with a “full metal jacket”, a machined, pearl blasted and anodized aluminum body. Thanks to the more robust material we could reduce the wall thickness and therefore exactly maintain the weight and price. Together with the anniversary Lockit we are proud to publish a brand new Lockit accessory. The ACL Mount… …is a quick release mount with a fixable 3/8” male thread. This makes the use of Velcro to attach your Clockit device to the camera a relic of the past. The ACM 204 was especially designed for the new aluminum body for older versions there will be a different model: The ACM-TL is a mount with adhere plate for ACN-TL or older ACls I hope you like the new products! Best Regards Timo
  9. Please let me introduce yout to the newest member of the Ambient Clockit Network family: First of all, it has Clockit Time Code generator of course and is made out of machined aluminum. Except for the sync signal output, it comprises the full functionality of its big brother, including ACN (Ambient Clockit Network) support, metadata transfer and logging. This network capabilities also allow the Tiny Lockit to be a fully functional Timecode Transceiver. Therefor it is combining the stability of an Ambient Clockit Generator with the flexibility of a wireless TC system but without the fear of dropouts. In addition it also has most features of the ALL601, such as variable time code output level for recording TC on audio track and time code conversion between LTC / MTC (via USB) The user interface is just as easy to use as the ACL 204's. Due to its smaller form factor it is especially suitable for applications on small cameras, but also on cameras or in setups where a sync signal is not required, it is a handy solution. The Tiny Lockit will be available from January 2013 Have a look at the Tiny Lockit in our IBC video review: [ We apologize for the bad sound quality,... it was spontanious and shot on a 7D and I think we all know about the brilliant sound capabilities of a DSLR... I hope you still can enjoy it...
  10. We are happy to announce that from 27th of July at 12 a.m. UMT+2 the new firmware update 2.0 can be downloaded from our homepage. It features the first part of the Ambient Clockit Network functionality. Attention: The ACL204 is already equipped with an internal antenna. Therefore no additional accessory is needed to get full access to all features. With the “ACN Basic” integrated in this firmware the user is able to jam sync all ACN compatible devices within the network. To gain the best possible range 16 network channels are available as well as variable output power. One ACL204 is used to jam the others by broadcasting a sync command. Afterwards it will display how many devices have been jammed and how many couldn’t be jammed because of mismatching user settings (e.g. not integer frame rates). In the ACN menu the external antenna can be activated and the antenna gain can be modified. To comply with FCC rules, these functions are PIN protected. Please contact your local dealer. Watch a short demo video
  11. Is the underwater world a silent world? No, the depths of the sea are as full of exciting sounds and voices as any other habitat rich with species. However, humans can't perceive these sounds under normal circumstances, and so this world has been hidden from us so far. During the twelve days of filming around the Caribbean island of Bonaire for the documentary "The cannon crackers of the pistol shrimp", for the first time a microphone technology was used, that was previously only available to researchers and allows the recording of sounds of the underwater world not only true-to-life, but also in surround quality. This documentary is a teaser for a documentary series "Sound of the oceans" production is starting this year! Ambient Recording is honoured to be part of this ambitous project! Believe me when I tell you that it is an amazing job to do! Not only to hear stuff you never heard before every day but also,... well look at the pictures I hope you enjoy watching the teaser! To watch it in surround please download it here To watch it in stereo on vimeo please click here To get more informations click here
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