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Found 7 results

  1. Hey there, unfortunately it´s not the first time that i´m having a sqeaking Cinela. I had this on the big Piano and also the small Piani. Without the fur, everything is fine. With the fur on, you add some extra weight and the rubber starts squeaking when moving. Any ideas how to fix this?? Thanks. T.
  2. Hey, I just signed up and am happy to be part of this community. I'm looking for a windshield, mainly for field recording with my Mkh 8050/30 combo. The problem is that I'm really picky with sound quality.. The windscreen I'm looking for should be as transparent as possible. Meaning as little sound or pickup pattern coloration as possible. I actually care less about the wind protection itself as I'll never be recording in heavy conditions (for now). I've done some recordings with a regular Rycote Windshield (WS2 or WS4 can't remember) and also with a probably less known Sennheiser MZW 60-1 in the same location. Just between those two I felt the Sennheiser one was way more natural. The Rycote screen sounded as if someone has put an eq or multibandcompressor on it. I've read some good things about Cinela and am almost sold to them (the Pianissimo), but unfortunately I had no chance to do some test recordings. The first time I went out with my M/S rig, I only used foam on each mic and the results were great, but even very light wind started to interrupt my recordings and I had to sort out a lot of stuff in post. I wish I could achieve that same quality and clarity with a windshield. As I'm doing location sound aswell, it would be great if I could modify the windshield for my Mkh 8060, but it's not a must. (Rycote is definitley more flexible) Here are a few Cinela solutions I've found or that could probably be custom made: Cinela Pianissimo (8050/30, 8060 and probably also 8050/8040/30 Double M/S mounts available) Cinela Zephyx (8050/30, 8050 and maybe even 8060 (MZL) mounts, not ideal size, but should be possible. I've seen an Mkh 50/30 prototype on their website. But honestly the Piani size is fine and I don't need anything smaller) Cinela Leonard (I'm curios if the 8050/30 combo would fit into the Leonard Ball, similiar to the Schoeps M/S version. Is this the same 3D fabric used with the Piani? Has anyone compared the sound between Pianissimo and the Leonard Ball or used both outside? I feel this could be a small, light and cheap solution for mild wind conditions) Here are a few Rycote solutions I've found: Rycote Stereo Windshield WS AF MS Kit (very versatile, I could use this for 8050/30, 8060/30, 8050 single, 8060 single, 8050/8040/30 double ms, maybe the sound is better with this one vs the WS2?) Rycote Stereo Windshield WS AE MS Kit (same thing, but could transform this into the ORTF Version, 8060 only with MZL Connbox) Rycote Cyclone Windshield Kit - Medium (I think you can fit everything into this windshield aswell, I already have the back to back clips from Rycote. How does it sound compared to old Rycote Windshields and Cinela?) Any other brands you guys can recommend? I don't really care about the price. My approach is "buy good gear slow" and I would rather save up money for a year than buy a windshield that I hate. If any of you have some private recordings comparing Rycote and Cinela Windshields, I would love to hear them. I've already listened to every file and watched every video that is available to the public. Also what about foames and softies? Anything out there that fits my M/S rig and is wind protecting enough? Tl;dr: The most transparent windshield for my 8050/30 rig, I don't care about the windprotection that much, it should be better than some simple foam and keep the clarity of my mics.
  3. Please come and see us at the IBC 2018 in AMSTERDAM ! Booth 8.C64 https://youtu.be/A0yIkfxWgJE https://www.facebook.com/Cinela-1471314373154513/
  4. The new LEO range is now available ! Unbreakable material. New design. LEO-20 for Schoeps CMC LEO-20-MS for CMC + CCM8 LEO-22 for Neumann KM series LEO-25 for Sennheiser MKH40/50 more infos at: http://www.cinela.fr/catalog.php
  5. Here we are. Pianissimo is ready for shipping ! Many demo units all around ! Ask your dealer. Lightweight world champion, First of all, Pianissimo is a bet for new generations of "shortenned" short shotguns like DPA 4017B/C, Sennheiser MKH8060, Sanken CS1.... and awaited. Short body end microphones are generally difficult to mount with a (enough flexible) indoor suspension, but will find the perfect place in Pianissimo ! http://vimeopro.com/ipstv/ips-tv-at-ibc-2014/video/106258092 More infos: http://www.cinela.fr/pianissimo.php?language=en Download link for AES paper, presented at AES 2009 in Munich : "Handling Noise Analysis in Large Cavity Microphone Windshields. Improved Solution" http://www.aes.org/e-lib/browse.cfm?elib=14970
  6. Now the proud owner of a cinela pianissimo, thought others may be interested to see a comparison with rycote windshields. FWIW, the cinela pianissimo is roughly the same size as the rycote AE stereo windshield. Will report on performance in the next few weeks as I only picked it up yesterday! More info from cinela here: http://www.cinela.fr/pianissimo.php Pictured: old style 416 rycote , stereo AE, pianissimo mkh m/s (with top cover off) & mkh50 w/bb gag
  7. Just curious if anybody here has had hands on time with the new Cinela Pianissimo. What's your take on it? Thinking of getting one for my MKH-50 and an additional mount for my cmc641.
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