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Found 7 results

  1. I'm trying to sync EPIC with my Ambient Lockit 203 but I couldn't figure out what format of Genlock signal I have to use ? Using that Lemo 4pin to 3 BNC adaptor cable, the camera is receiving TC without any problem but do not see Genlock (GEN and SYNC sign is grayed out on screen). We are shooting on 5K 2:1 25p. The format I've choosen is HD1080p 25 frame rate. The firmware seems the last beta version 5.x.x... After an hour or few of internet search, I only figured out after the shoot that on the RED manual indicated that the Video Sync connector receives RS170A Tri-Level sync signal on pin 4, the GENLOCK BNC connector. Does that mean I have to set to plain SD NTSC signal to genlock ? How you manage when you rolls 25 image per sec.? Any suggestion, experiences story will be appreciated!!
  2. http://vimeo.com/71959025 With firmware 3.1 for the Tiny Lockit and the Lockit we added a few exceedingly powerful features. "Use your Lockit to send the camera time code to your recorder without the fear of wireless dropouts!" The new software integrates a TC transceiver mode to the units using the already existing ACN network hardware. So without additional equipment your Lockit is now a fully functional time code transmitter or receiver. Thanks to the internal generator running in the background, TC dropouts are a relic of the past. "No need to tune your Lockits with the rental ones anymore!" Using the already well accepted ACN sync broadcast we added a nifty invisible feature. The new sync broadcast doesn't stop after the first broadcast but it will resend smaller timestamps every four seconds. All receiving units will compare their internal generated time code with the highly accurate timestamp and pull up or down the generator speed until they are completely matched. This is done imperceptible and without having to press extra buttons. The only thing you’ll notice that you never get bothered again by post about drift or offset problems when using Lockits from various sources. Even more this makes the system now suitable for line-sync online editing. "Sync your Pro Tools system with all cameras during a concert shot!" When you connect your Lockit or Tiny Lockit to your PC or MAC it will be recognized immediately as Audio/ Midi device. Just select your unit in your DAW as time code source and you're ready to rock. Now you get the camera TC into your software or you can use your Session TC on your cameras. If you own a Lockit you can even wordclock sync your Audio Interface to the camera video sync. This means that you can shoot a whole festival and trust that your cameras and your audio stay in sync. Lockit Firmware Tiny Lockit Firmware Installation Guide Video Enjoy your new features Your Ambient Team
  3. Dear owners of a new ACL204, A new firmware update version 1.02.0011 is out now. We fixed all bugs you and us found while working with the new Lockit. V. 1.01.0008 04/13/2012 Added: Userbit menu: GEN>UB: JamUB: normal (userbits are taken from ext. TC when jamming) manual (userbits are not overwritten when jamming from external, so a date can be set etc.) insert (userbits can be inserted on the fly without re-jamming. TC jamming still dependent on TC jam mode) EditUB: manual setting of userbits. V. 1.02.0010 05/11/2012 fix: tuning via ACC101 now works. fix: drop frame after reboot is being put out correctly (before: drop-frame TC was put out after setting the frame rate to drop-frame coming from a non-drop rate, but upon reboot the TC was non-drop even though DF was displayed. V. 1.02.0011 05/14/2012 fix: glitch in tune control voltage when switching psu for different battery voltages fix: occasional double flash condition with no reason The ACL204 Firmware Updater can be downloaded from our ACL 204 product page Thank you for reporting irregularities and helping us to improve our product! Cheers and keep on syncing Timo
  4. @AmbientRec I just took a swift snapshot of the first ACM-204 Lockit Mount before I disassembled it again, to ship it to Redding Audio USA. The ACM-204 can be screwed to your aluminum Lockit within seconds (4screws). For anybody not owning one of the new anniversary edition Lockits, don't be disappointed, The ACM-TL will be shipped soon, too. It will be delivered with screws for the Tiny Lockit and an adhere tape to be fixed to all your other Clockit devices. Why not screwing, too? That's because we are using self-cutting screws for our plastic bodies. Thus, unscrewing them would decrease their load capacity. This way we couldn't be sure that the backplate will withstand the roughest conditions. But durability is one of the main things Ambient products stand for. The adhere tape we deliver is incredibly strong and combined with the self-cutting screws the ACM-TL just won't break.
  5. Please let me introduce yout to the newest member of the Ambient Clockit Network family: First of all, it has Clockit Time Code generator of course and is made out of machined aluminum. Except for the sync signal output, it comprises the full functionality of its big brother, including ACN (Ambient Clockit Network) support, metadata transfer and logging. This network capabilities also allow the Tiny Lockit to be a fully functional Timecode Transceiver. Therefor it is combining the stability of an Ambient Clockit Generator with the flexibility of a wireless TC system but without the fear of dropouts. In addition it also has most features of the ALL601, such as variable time code output level for recording TC on audio track and time code conversion between LTC / MTC (via USB) The user interface is just as easy to use as the ACL 204's. Due to its smaller form factor it is especially suitable for applications on small cameras, but also on cameras or in setups where a sync signal is not required, it is a handy solution. The Tiny Lockit will be available from January 2013 Have a look at the Tiny Lockit in our IBC video review: [ We apologize for the bad sound quality,... it was spontanious and shot on a 7D and I think we all know about the brilliant sound capabilities of a DSLR... I hope you still can enjoy it...
  6. We are happy to announce that from 27th of July at 12 a.m. UMT+2 the new firmware update 2.0 can be downloaded from our homepage. It features the first part of the Ambient Clockit Network functionality. Attention: The ACL204 is already equipped with an internal antenna. Therefore no additional accessory is needed to get full access to all features. With the “ACN Basic” integrated in this firmware the user is able to jam sync all ACN compatible devices within the network. To gain the best possible range 16 network channels are available as well as variable output power. One ACL204 is used to jam the others by broadcasting a sync command. Afterwards it will display how many devices have been jammed and how many couldn’t be jammed because of mismatching user settings (e.g. not integer frame rates). In the ACN menu the external antenna can be activated and the antenna gain can be modified. To comply with FCC rules, these functions are PIN protected. Please contact your local dealer. Watch a short demo video
  7. Ambient Clockit Network - the next step in digital content production workflow As typical set-ups in film and multimedia productions get more and more sophisticated the extensive use of metadata has become essential for an effective work flow. These data are embedded into the files of the respective machines on recording. However, since no common file and metadata structure has been settled, each manufacturer saves in their best suiting configuration. Additionally, there is no interchange between the different recorders on the set which results in the need to extract and consolidate metadata tediously in post. This is where the Ambient Clockit Network comes in. The goal was to create a system as open as possible and simultaneously merge real-time and file embedded metadata. Based on the unrivaled accuracy of the highly acclaimed Clockit system the ACN uses global time code as reference to create a comprehensive shot list containing start and stop times of each and every recording and machine. Adding to that real time metadata can be ingested giving access to previously unavailable information such as lens control data of 3D rigs. To interface with as many brands and units as possible the ACN devices sport an interface that can be configured to either RS232 or half duplex event log. The protocol in use will be fully documented for effortless 3rd party integration and even provide remote configuration of the Clockit units so manufacturers are free to participate from the unsurpassed accuracy of the Clockit system. The ACN itself uses a proprietary wireless mesh network for communication to minimize lag and interference with other radio sources. Information will be buffered until successful dump has been confirmed by the server which is a rugged portable box with integrated webserver. Tablets, smart phones, and computers can log in on a restricted rights management basis so that e.g. script would access different information than a data wrangling system.
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