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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all, This is my first topic post after a long while of lurking and a few replies. I'm glad I finally have something worth posting about! I worked on my first shoot using a RED Dragon this past weekend. (Location was a small New York apartment for reference.) The camera had the 2.0 fan installed. I agreed with the 1st AC to set the fans to 35% for recording, as that has always been a happy position on all the RED Epic shoots I have worked on. During recording I noticed an awful high pitch whine, not loud but not pleasant either. At first I thought it was the result of the electronic HMI ballasts being used. The next lighting setup used all tungsten units. The noise was still there. Then I thought it might be one of those "supersonic" bug deterrents, as I've had issues with those in the past. No bug deterrent. It bothered me the whole day. The next day of shooting we were using a C300. No whine. At this point I realized it must have been the Dragon. This is not something I've ever run into before with a camera from RED. Has anyone else experienced this? TL;DR: Has anyone heard a high pitch whine from the RED Dragon or RED fan 2.0? Cheers, Chris
  2. Hello Not a scientific test but just to get some notions of the fan noise of different cameras. Test performed with the F65, Epic, Alexa (ProRes mode) and Aaton Delta The sound level meter was set to 30cm of the film plane pointed to the lens. The acousitic minimum of the setting (sound level meter and room) was at 27.7 dB. (there fore not very scientific). There was mainly two camera position mesured : - front toward the optic - and we turned the camera 90 degrees to get the mesurement of the side of the camera (where the wents are often located). It's written in french, if you need any translation tell me. See you. Pat
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