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Found 6 results

  1. Here's a bit of a mystery that I can't seem to get a clear answer on. I have both a Fostex FM-4 and FM-3 (which, except for the odd meters, are great; I've a bit of a write-up on them here). However, I'm perplexed about the availability of AES out on the units. Down in the innards, with the lid off, there is what looks like a connection for either some kind of daughter card or digital out connection (see image). There is also what looks like already existing circuitry down below that. I can find scarce information on the units at all online but there are a couple mentions in press releases as they were introduced that they would have AES out. In the block diagram from the manual, there is 'digital out option' labeled in the signal path. I contacted Fostex but received a cryptic reply that this was 'not enabled' in the end. Does anyone know if all the circuitry is in place and there is a way to enable this (I'm assuming with some manner of physical modification as there aren't any apparent switches or menu items)? Also, if so, I'm feeding into a 744T; is it just a 2 channel AES from the main bus or would there be a 4x2 channel AES split so I could feed 4 channel direct out to the SD unit over two AES outputs?
  2. Hi All, After reading the recent post showing the photoshop mockup of a Sound Devices 302 mixer with a built-in 3 track recorder, it got me thinking : The Fostex DC-R302 that I have is a 3 input to stereo recorder. From a technical standpoint, how hard do you think it would it be for Fostex to increase the track count from stereo to 3 or 4 tracks? This would be a cool upgrade if at all possible :-) Would this be a software tweak or be limited by the hardware? The meters only show left and right but maybe a software workaround? Thought I'd run it by you guys before checking in with Fostex. Thanks very much. Cheers, Dave
  3. Hi wonderful JW members! It's been a little while since I posted on here and I wanted to start by thanking everyone for the wonderful resource this forum is. I want to start a conversation about the pros/cons of small portable recorders to be paired with DSLR or other cameras for lower budget or "one man band" type shoots. I'd love to hear people's opinions and experiences with recorders in this market. Specifically I am thinking of 3 recorders that are out right now: The Tascam DR-60D (which has a great thread started by Tom Duffy and a review by Ty Ford ), the Zoom H6 (which has a short discussion that is mostly negative ), and the Fostex DC-R302 (which has a great thread has some negative comments mixed in with small positive reviews). I guess I'll start with my thoughts and see where that takes us. This thread is for a decent, compact recorder to be used for OMB type purposes. I wouldn't put a budget cap on this, more a size cap/cam compatibility. I'd be willing to spend close to $1,500 if there were a very compact pro recorder that was easily paired with DSLRs. (I also preface all of this in saying I am primarily a DP/Op and in every single case I am able, I hire a sound professional to accompany me. This is for those other times.) I used to record with a Sound Devices 702 and it (for me) was an amazing, durable, very simple and intuitive recorder. I dream that SD would put out a mini-702 to pair with DSLRs, but I digress. My thoughts on... - Tascam DR-60D: I don't think it has the worst form factor, but definitely not great. I personally would never put this thing under my camera on a tripod (it is way too high and would make operating more difficult and would not be conducive to switching to handheld quickly.) If I imagine using this (or really any of these recorders) I would probably mount it behind camera on 15mm rods. It seems still a little tall here, but I could deal. I am most concerned with the "zipper effect" I've read about from adjusting trim while rolling. I would also love to hear more thoughts on this unit's pre-amps. - Zoom H6: I always hated (and thus never owned) a Zoom H4N. I thought they were frankly crap recorders that were not easy to use or effectively monitor levels. This recorder seems a step up, but still not really geared the same way towards using with a DSLR setup. I am very worried about the quality of the preamps on this guy. It also is a bit weird to use with a DSLR. I would probably take off the top console and mount it behind the camera on rods. This would actually lay flatter than the Tascam behind the camera, but the form factor is so weird that having cords run from 2 directions may be crappy. - Fostex DC-R302: My main concern here is the fact that it is the only recorder of the 3 that does not record 3 individual tracks for 3 mics. 3 channel mixer - 2 channel recorder. Since a semi-common scenario is 2 lavs & a boom, this is a problem. It is flatter than the Tascam, so I may debate actually putting it below camera, but it still seems a little heavy and big. The big question is are the pre-amps that much better than the Tascam & the H6 to warrant the price jump (almost double)? I'd love to hear anyone's thoughts on these recorders or definitely suggestions of other recorders that may work. This is a piece of gear that I absolutely need very soon, but seem pretty distressed with all of my options.
  4. This PD4 is currently living out its retirement as a headphone amp and monitor stand! How are you using your retired gear around your home or office?
  5. I’m trying to remote roll a dv-824 and a PD6 simultaneously with one switch. I was reading in the fostex manuals about how when certain pins are grounded the functions are supposed to be activated.. IE RECORD, STOP.. I built a switch with a 3PDT toggle to control a GREEN/RED LED and separate ground to record and stop pins for two machines.. The LED works fabulously, but sadly the devices are not responding.. Does anyone know what I may have done wrong? All the connections are going where they are supposed to according to the manual.
  6. So I removed the DVD-RAM disc cartridge from my PD-6 and now it wont let me open the disk drive and when I start it up it just says NO DVD-RAM DRIVE then eventually goes to the main menu, but never lets me view the hard drives and wont let me open the drive. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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