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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, I'm wondering whether any of these cables would allow me to jam the F8 and the Arri Alexa mini. First time working with both. Which one you would recommned should be the master TC machine? I'm aware of the sync issues but there is no budget for lockit boxes so I'm thinking in jamming every few hours and when camera and/or F8 are switched off. Here are the links to the cables and pics: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/spanish/c/product/423968-REG/Sound_Devices_XL_LB2_XL_LB2_31_LEMO_5.html/?gclid=CLGq9f3QmMwCFVAvgQodMWEDnw http://www.bhphotovideo.com/spanish/c/product/1021813-REG/laird_digital_cinema_sd_tcd2_01_lemo_5_pin_to_bnc.html thanks a lot
  2. Fine people of the internet I pose this scenario to you: I own a MOTU Traveler MK1, not MK3. It claims it will "resolve" to SMPTE via any audio input and send out SMPTE via any output. The software it ships with, the MOTU Firewire SMPTE console, controls all of the SMPTE options as you'd imagine. The frame rate selection does not include 23.98 fps but only 24, 25, 29.97 DF/NDF or 30 DF/NDF. Digital Performer 5 also has this same limitation as does my older version of Nuendo. I also own a 664. I have jammed the Traveler from my 664 at 23.98 fps and it seems to hold sync for an hour or so in my brief test when the Traveler is set for true 24 fps SMPTE. I have yet to try to jam the 664 from the Traveler to confirm that is stays 23.98 out of the MOTU but that is my main question. I know this is not technically correct. I was curious if, despite the settings, that the MOTU actually just accepts the incoming external TC as is and outputs TC according to the source or if it forces a true 24fps flag on the stream. Basically I'm wondering what actually occurs when one device jams another with TC. Is it the source that sets the stream or the receiving end that confirms/interprets the stream or both. Any insight would be really helpful. I've searched Google and this site (via Google) and have not found the specific answer to my question. Thanks!
  3. Hey all, Getting into timecode and worried about whether I'm totally #$@%i@ things up or not. Followed and what a few mixers have told me (and searching on JW a bit) have told me that I could jam from the recorder to the camera and that it should be fine. Without a lockit box. However, the Alexa manual is kind of brief and doesn't mention this particular activity of the timecode. What I want to know is what the blinking Alexa TC means. After I jam from the recorder it (it being the TC numbers/digits) stays solid for awhile, but then goes back to blinking again. This recent production with the Alexa also had a lockit box, and when I used it it would stay solid generally (although sometimes it would go back to blinking unless I babysat the camera a bit to always make sure it stays solid). The AC was indicating to me the TC staying solid is a good thing. But is he right? Anyways, thanks for the help.
  4. Intro Hi guys, tuning into this awesome forum for some of the usual life-saving help. So I just finished production mixing for my second feature length movie. Landed doing the audio post which will be a first(except mix). A daunting task at the least, but living in the Dominican Republic, people dont really have a miriad of options, eventhough I am fairly inexperienced in the film world, I have been doing commercials and documentary work for over 7 years. Anyways I digress. While i was doing the production audio for this movie, I made it a point to have my recorder jammed from the Panasonic HD Varicam any chance I would get. (since i was running a hardwired mix to camera 85% of the time, it was pretty easy to just have a second TC cable). It was easier to jam my 744t from the camera bc this way I dont have to fidget with the camera. The camera was set to free run and we used time of day. I did this with the belief that I would be saving the production the trouble of manually syncing my audio with the dailies. Is this correct? I did not use a TC slate or lockits, but was constantly jamming my 744t from the Varicam. Isn't there a way for FCP to read the timecode of audio files and video files and automatically line them up? I would think there is, is there something im missing here? The video editor hasn't a clue to what im talking about. Step by step would be awesome I'd appreciate some input on this... Thanks in advance guys!!!
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