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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, I am a newbie in audio and would like to get on set experience on audio department. I would like to start as an audio PA and work my way up to boom and to mixer. Based in NYC. Thank you.
  2. We are looking for people: people starting in the music/media industry and want to make contacts disabled/challenged people that are struggling to find work someone working from home or just want to make some extra income, We are currently recruiting for a&r/sales account manager The position is on a commission basis and implies finding 1. artists, bands and record labels to purchase our packages and services 2. struggling artists/artists with disabilities and/or a bad financial situations sponsorships for/from our non-profit organisation http://SmashYoRecords.co.uk 3. unsigned talent for our label/other labels that work with us What you get! Enough commission on all new contracts/projects and extensions of contracts to be able to sustain part-time and/or full-time positions. You would get an e-mail @mixingmastering.co.uk for you so you can work from full training and all the text/written e-mails + templates + documentation 100% guarantee of payment once clients are in If you are interested please contact us on info@mixingmastering.co.uk
  3. Hey guys, I got this job offer today and just had to share. Needless to say....good luck finding all that gear for that rate, by Tuesday. The gear requirements hardly make sence, ex: switchable IFBs to listen to all 5 lavs in iso. I may as well give em a 411 in group mode! Here's the email I received: You available to do audio for a reality show? Starts Tuesday and goes til end of month. Will be about 15 days of shooting. Pays $550 with gear. Gear list (or comparable): · 5 ea. Lavalier Wireless Mic (Lectrosonics SMV super-Minature Blck 22) · 5 ea. Wireless transmitters and receivers · 1 ea. Boom (complete) · 2 ea. Shot gun mic’s for Panasonic 900 camera’s · 1 ea. Mixer must be able to mix 5 wireless Mic’s (Isolated) and one Boom. (Sound Devices 552 Portable 5’CH · 1 ea. Recorder (Sound Devices 788T SSD 8-CH · 2 ea. IFB’s (must be able to switch channels to listen to each character isolated) · 2 ea. Earbuds for IFB’s · 2 ea. IFB transmitter and Receivers (lectrosonics UM400A Blck 22)
  4. I would like to get into the sound for picture business doing documentary/film/TV work and ENG work as a Sound Recordist and Boom Operator. I've been a sound engineer for 11 years in New York City mostly mixing sound for galas and corporate events. I have a bachelor's degree in recording arts and music production. I have a great set of ears and great personality. How can I get into this business? Who do I call? Where do I go? What should I look for? Where should I start?
  5. Hi Everyone, Wondering if someone can recommend a soundman in Delhi, India? Project is a simple one or two day shoot in Delhi for a documentary on Tuberculosis. Dates: February 23rd & 25th. Talking head interviews with doctors and some B-Roll shooting at medical clinics (all appropriate safety precautions will of course be followed/supplied/taken for all filming of TB patients). The soundman will be working with the producer and cameraman (3-person team). The doc is being shot with two 5Ds (all sound must be captured to soundman's recorder). Unfortunately the Delhi dates were slightly pushed and I'm unavailable to finish the job (I'm their current soundman). I've been working with the producer and cameraman for the past two weeks, we've shot in the States, London, and presently in South Africa, and I can say they're good people and the day rate is decent and anyone who is interested should please contact me privately for further details... Best, Sean Sean.Clauson@Gmail.com
  6. Hey guys, Just wondering how different people charge for Post Production services? (And Also so Musical Composing services) (At home people, projects studios, studios, etc.) Anybody do a black$/min fee? A general estimated based on the amount of time you estimate it will take? Hourly work? Think it is better to separate the music and audio component on the invoice? Any input would be appreciated Thanks Guys
  7. Hi there!, My name is Pablo, and I'm new to this community that by the way, I find it completely amazing. This is my first post, and I wanted to talk about some ways of getting gigs, I live in NYC but this can be useful to anybody in U.S. I believe. The first website I find myself using all the time, is Craigslist.com, I can find some gigs around there ( almost always low budget productions ) but is very good to keep the work going during the dry periods. The second one I use the most is Mandy.com, where you can find better profile gigs, but it requires more time to find them. The third place I look is Productionhub.com, I like this one, because you can create a more in-depth profile. But you need to pay in order to get the best gigs. I know that this business is mainly moved by networking and connections, therefore the more gigs you do, the more gigs you eventually get, but I believe is good to share some places that maybe can get you out of " slow time ". Finally, it would be very nice if anybody could tell me something that I'm missing or any new place to look, would be awesome. Thanks to everybody for your time and I hope you can get something out of this post. Best, P
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