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Found 5 results

  1. Exciting news for those who have been waiting for a fully functional Lectrosonics RM Remote App. $20, for iOS and Android. LectroRM for iPhone LectroRM for Android Built by James LaFarge, a soundie here in NYC. Hope you find this useful. e.
  2. I will be posting an iOS version update very soon, with a number of new features: - Substantially faster calculation (for the supporting of more transmitters and for future customization options) - Disable transmitter feature - Custom TX Types, implemented via our brand new - Import / Export feature Here's the deal with Import and Export: for right now it is implemented only using the built in Mail app, so you need to be configured to use the built in Mail app. I looked into the Gmail app; it is not possible to use the gmail app to open an attached file inside of another app. Turns out, it's not very user friendly in general to get files into and out of apps. The only other built in option is Apple's app file sharing which requires you to use iTunes on a computer. I didn't think that was very user friendly. If nothing else, I'll probably incorporate Dropbox file sharing in there in the future. Also, the import feature is moderately smart. While you can simply add all of the imported transmitters to the current or new list, I imagine people will want to be synchronizing lists frequently. For that purpose, each transmitter is assigned a UUID. Transmitters therefore can be updated with new information with each import. Granted, it is not as sophisticated as perhaps a cloud sharing service, but that's a conversation for another time... I have created a new file format called ".ffx". It is an xml document. It can be opened with a text editor (on a computer) and is human readable. And you are free to edit these files to create custom transmitters and custom transmitter types with custom channel lists. The file format should be mostly self explanatory, and I've done my best to make these files pretty idiot proof, but I fully anticipate that with enough people tinkering, somethings will go wrong. And as usual, I am (relatively) immediately accessible to work through whatever problems you have, and I want all of your input to continue to make the app better. And as usual, the Android version is behind on the programming. A lot of work went into these new features, and it will take time to implement them in the Android version. However the priority is the Import / Export, and since we don't have to wait a week or more to update, I'll post the new features incrementally. Cheers, James
  3. Hello again. I submitted updates for both LectroRM and FreqFinder and wanted to let you know what they're all about. The majority of changes are purely cosmetic (as is iOS7). The UI for both incorporates iOS7's new stock widgets. Personally, I rather liked the old look, but the new look isn't so bad either (even though a lot needed to be updated to make the apps compatible with iOS7.) The biggest thing to know though is that before the app updates actually hit the app store, iOS7 users will have an issue with the naming and custom frequency dialogs in FreqFinder and the info dialog in LectroRM. iOS7 has a compatibility mode for most everything else, but not those custom dialog boxes. It was a pain to get it to work also. Anyway, if you can hold out on updating to iOS7, great. Otherwise hopefully the updates will be approved sooner than later. There are some bug fixes. I couldn't pinpoint the particular problem that lead to a few users experiencing rampant crashing, but I made some improvements to the code where it could be caused, so hopefully it helps. The only other thing to note is that LectroRM now has a memory for Audio Level and Channel! I was a bit wary of increasing the complexity of LectroRM, but I think I found a simple and elegant way to add it to the app without decreasing usability. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy.
  4. Does anyone have any experience using the LectroRM app (available on iTunes)? Just looking for personal opinions/experiences. Thanks in advance!
  5. The latest version of Apple's development tools for iOS does not support armv6 devices. This means that I can't easily build for both iOS 6 and iOS 4.2.1 users. These are the devices that will be affected: iPhone 3G (not 3GS) iPod Touch 2nd Generation I can try to figure out a work around (not that there necessarily is one), but I wanted to hear from people still using those two devices. I may have to drop support for them. -James
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