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Found 5 results

  1. Hi guys, I hope that you could help me. I would like to make myself an USB serial cable for connecting 3 QRXs together. The problem is that I have already done one as it said in the manual but it did not work. I have connected the pins on USBs like this: QRX USB OUT -> QRX USB IN 2 -> 1 3 -> 4 If I try to change gain on the slave unit it does not work ... Now I am not sure if I did the cable right ... Thank you for all the ideas and help you could give me Martin J.
  2. Hi, have someone used this setup in their job? Any ideas will it work properly or are there any kind of problems that suddenly will happen?
  3. I bought a Mix 12 a week ago and I'm experiencing a problem with the ZaxNet trim assignment. My setup is: Fusion 12; 2 QRX100 going into the Fusion via AES Inputs 5-8; TRX LANC IDs are 13-16 (according to what Howy said about adding +8 to the digital inputs TX ID); Mix 12 set 1-4 Analog, 1-8 Digital (so, my wireless were on 9-12 Channels). Trying i.e. the first TX, I've selected Mix 12 Input Trim Tx ZaxNet in the Digital Input 5. Even with this selection, I can see the Mix12 trim changing the channel input level, not the tx gain level. So, I'm not being able to control Zaxnet trims for my digital inputs. Any ideas is appreciated. PS. I've already wrote to Howy and he's looking into the problem. Asking here too, bacause maybe someone here could have been in this situation and solved in some way. Thanks, Vale.
  4. So I thought I should share my experience with my newly configured Zaxcom bag and how it has been performing. I took a little inspiration from Brian's "Blue Lagoon" story and also from Rado's recent article in Sound & Picture. While I was in preproduction for a show that I would be working on, I was informed that there were going to be scenes where GoPro's were going to be mounted to off-road racing cars and that they would be driving very far off into the desert, far out of the range of any wireless bag reception. In the past, they said they have simply boomed bits and pieces of the two-way radio but that it never sounded great and that it never really captured the moment of thrills because a driver can't drive and operate the radio at the same time. In this case I brought up the ability of Zaxcom wireless to record with timecode sync so it really didn't matter if the Tx's went out of range. Every time I bring this up to camera operators and producers that I'm working with for the first time, they are blown away by this. They agreed that this was definitely the way to go and were excited that it was a new way they could easily get audio regardless of where the cars drove, and capture the passion of the moment. My bag currently consists of a Nomad 12, 2 QRX's, MicPlexer, 2 TRX900LA's, and 2 TRX900LANC's. I had two Lectro SNA's feeding MicPlexer up on my harness like Rado had in the Sound & Picture article; thanks again Rado!
  5. Zaxcom now has product registration on there web site. You can register you Zaxcom product and choose to receive email updates about your gear. http://www.zaxcom.com/product-registration
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