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Found 7 results

  1. Two Shure ADX1M Micro Transmitters went missing from our set at the Lincoln Memorial on the National Mall in Washington DC last week. The production company is filing a police report as the transmitters are now presumed to be stolen property. The manufacturer has been notified of the theft as have major Sound Equipment vendors and rental houses. Stolen Property: Shure ADX1M s/n 2AB09372065 Shure ADX1M s/n 2SB2017344
  2. Hi all, I am currently looking to buy a used KMR81i and found this one on eBay. http://www.ebay.com/itm/282009930309?_trksid=p2057872.m2748.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT I made an offer for $900 ( the seller asking $975) and it was accept immediately. Questioning the seller for SN, purchased date and distributor. The seller answers: "we're a resale shop. There is no invoice or receipt." He claims the SN of microphone is 13966. Any ideas?
  3. Hi everyone, specially from LA or around. if someone can help about this stolen equipment (full list in the PDF attached). It's a complete sound cart ! it occured during the night 2nd/3rd september in the Los Angeles area... Thank you for our friend sound mixer "Madone" and our partner company DC AUDIO in Paris (rental). Philippe 1 MULTICOUPLER OCTOPACK + ANTENNA ALP 650 # 10221/951-754 1 RF receiver AUDIO LTD DX # 808605 1/2 1 RF receiver AUDIO LTD DX # 014083 2 RF transmitters SENNHEISER SK 2000 # SK-123440 1 recorder ZAXCOM DEVA 5.8 # 20214 1 accessory for Audio Ltd: VDB L-48V 1 lithium Battery IDX NPS/N 2 Time Code Generator DENECKE SB-T # SB-TO493/94 4 Receivers kit WISYCOM MCR42 # 02451747/45/40/49 1 Wind screen SCHOEPS B20/W20 1 Mixer SONOSAX SX ST8D # 4330044 1 RF receiver AUDIO LTD DX # 911428-5/6 1 Microphone SENNHEISER MKH60 # 27113 1 Microphone BEYERDINAMIC M88 # 35702 1 power stationDCA PMI # P105 1 Battery DCA 12V-12A S/N 2 Microphones SCHOEPS CMIT # 3906 & 1746 3 Mikes SCHOEPS CMC 6 # 16929-17921-24068 1 Mike SCHOEPS CMC 6 # 39064 2 Capsules SCHOEPS MK4 & MK41 # 56681 & 80487 2 capsules SCHOEPS MK4 # 64425-70603 1 capsule SCHOEPS MK41 # 94655 1 capsule microphone DANISH PRO AUDIO # DPA 4080 S/N 1 SENNEHEISER headset HD 25 1 Windscreen SCHOEPS B20/W20 1 Windscreen CINELA ALBERT TRI-CCM 1 Windscreen SCHOEPS B5D ("Pavarotti") 1 DCA blue preamp 1 Magic arm Manfrotto 1 Trolley DCA 1 Kit of cables MissingSoundEquipment.pdf
  4. Hey soundies, I recently had my apartment broken into in Astoria Queens. They stole my Canon 7D camera, and aKAI keyboard, and my entire 788 sound rig with lectrosonics, comteks, smart slate and everything else in the bag.... This was in astoria, queens New York.... If Anybody knows of any gear someone is selling for very cheap or seems shady please let me know... Cheers
  5. I thought this site I just signed up for may be useful to people on this forum. It's called Lenstag (so obviously originally thought of for photogs/video people, but I think applicable to all production gear). I haven't gone through and registered all my gear yet, but I like how it has the options to report gear stolen by serial number & to "verify" gear by taking a picture of the serial on your gear and uploading it. Thought you all may dig it.
  6. Hello Everyone. Iam not sure if this is the right place to put this. Feel free to copy this and put it everywhere!! I am posting my lost, missing or stolen equipment : 4 Lectrosonic SMV transmitters and 2 Lectrosonic SMQV transmitters. Inform me, James Ridgley, if you anything about these transmitters. 818 523-6586 Thanks!
  7. Stolen from my car in Jackson MS on Feb. 26 around 5PM in the "Fondren" area of town. Zaxcom TRX900LT Miniature Digital Transmitter S/N R2317 B22 4 Sanken COS-11D Lavalier mics - one of the blacks is wired for Lectrosonic, the others -Zaxcom S/N - 124524 (Black), 124525 (Black), 146239 (Black), 140431 (beige). Just in case they do not end up in a trash can somewhere. If seen please drop me a line drewski9 at me dot com. Thanks Drew
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