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Found 3 results

  1. Hi guys, I'm on a feature and have run across a strange problem. I'm using lectro smqv tx and dual srb receivers into a 633. -All receivers are set to +5 -All 633 channels receiving lavs are set to line -All receivers are using ta3 to ta3 connectors -All receivers are using the same cos-11 lavs -All tx have audio levels set to 23 (for testing purposes) The problem is that 2 tx, set at audio levels of 23 with normal dialog sound normal, and show up on the 633 meters around 0. Fine. The other 2 tx, also set to audio levels of 23, with normal dialog are super hot. They're clipping. I had to turn them down to 8. I've tried the following troubleshooting: -ensuring all cables are wired for line level -switching mics (they are all the same) -rebooting 633 It seems like a tx issue. They are all the same smqv, same lav mics but 2 are fine at 23, and the other 2 are hot as hell. Can't figure out what I'm missing. Any help would be mucho appreciated.
  2. Hi again. I am happy to announce that the TV Station Add-On for FreqFinder is very nearly ready for primetime! Features include: - Look up station data for your current location (determined by gps, cell, or wifi) or for any location in the US - Relate station data to any specific location for approximation of the interference caused by TV transmitters at that location - Relate station data to multiple locations simultaneously for a "worst case scenario" estimate - Station data for the selected areas stays on your device for offline use - Sort TV stations by name, channel, and estimated field strength - Filter TV stations by license status and by the channels affecting your current transmitter list (fully customizable filtering to be added in the future) - Station transmitter detail screen featuring a map view of the station's polar pattern - Estimated field strength calculation provided directly by the FCC - Location Profiles allow for multiple location configurations - Easy map search functionality allows fast finding of locations by address The add-on will be an in-app purchase costing $15. I am going to release it early (before it is available for purchase) and extend the preview time until the end of October to give everyone a chance to play. Soon after this update, the in-app purchase will be available, extending the functionality indefinitely. After October, the preview will expire and the add-on will have to be purchased in order to access any station data. I'm sorry to say that for the moment, the v2.0 will only be available for iPhone users. The Android preview will continue to be available until I make the complete add-on available to Android users. *Current FreqFinder users: the FCC has changed the format of their TV data. This update is required to properly receive FCC data. Currently, FCC data is only downloaded upon major location changes (>20 miles) and fresh installs. An update for Android is already on the app store. The iPhone update will be available as soon as Apple approves the update. Thank you for your patience.
  3. I did some location audio many years ago but have spent most of my career in post. Some of my clients, unhappy with their location audio talked me into getting back in. I'm having fun. I have a bag with an SD302, Lectro UM400 & LMA feeding a Lectro SRa, Comtek 216s. I'm building a bag cart and anticipate 95% of my time will be sitting at the cart. Most of my output goes to a DSLR. I thought I'd upgrade a little and am looking at a 664 vs Nomad 10. If I purchase the Nomad it will be because of size (for the bag) and the network. It looks like a compact, efficient system. Zaxnet is attractive but I don't to want buy new reliability problems. So, I would appreciate any comments on general reliability of the Sound Devices vs. Zaxcom mixer/recorders and Zaxcom vs. Lectrosonics wireless systems. Interested in quick comments as to failure rates and performance on the job. Thanks!
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