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Found 3 results

  1. Any reason NOT to go with the WM? Seams like the same as SMQV only water proof...
  2. The WM transmitter has 5 vent holes arranged in a small circle on the back panel. We had a customer cover the vent holes on about 20 units with a metal plate (label). Seventeen of these units then ruined the membrane switch surface due to internal pressure build up as the units were moved from cool surroundings to much warmer areas. In operation, the units are very airtight except for the vent. It has a Goretex seal that blocks water but passes air. We will mark all future units with engraving on the back plate that says "Don't block this vent". We put five holes back there because the milling equipment doesn't care and we figured it would be impossible for dirt or gunk to block all the holes. In sum, don't put labels over the vent holes. Best Regards, Larry Fisher Lectrosonics
  3. All current Lectrosonics WM water resistant transmitters are now being shipped with the promised desiccant doors. These hollow doors contain a small amount of desiccant with a metal screen that can remove small quantities of moisture or humid air from a sealed transmitter. The desiccant can be regenerated easily with moderate heat. Full instructions are included. At some point we will make small quantities of the desiccant material available so you can change out the desiccant material after extended use. Those customers that have already purchased WM's can get the new doors at N/C as described in the memo that came with the previous WM's. These replacement doors will be shipping early in February since they will use a little fancier thumbscrew with more initial thread lead. Eventually all units will ship with the extra thread lead part. I will post links to the new manual and instruction sheet with images. Bruce has promised they will be on the site this afternoon. Best Regards, Larry Fisher Lectrosonics
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