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  1. I have an SD 3-output portable headphone amp and was mulling over the idea of using it in my bag as an added distribution system to send signal to a camera hop (Senn G3 100 Tx) and IFB Tx (Lectro UM400A), etc., via attenuator cables. My initial test using the Sennheiser seemed to sound fine using a -25db attenuator cable. Has anyone here ever used a headphone signal this way? What are the pitfalls, if any? I like the idea of having the 3 additional, seperate and isolated output signals the SD amp provides that I can control so easily, but I'm not so familiar with the practical differences between line and headphone signal. Thank you, Marc Hlavaty
  2. Sennheiser announced today that they have filed a petition with the FCC to compensate owners of wireless equipment which will be made obsolete due to the coming auction of the 600 mHz band. Some of you may be familiar with how this was handled in the UK, where the government compensated individuals whose equipment was rendered unusuable due to re-allocation of spectrum. Don't know if this will fly in the good 'ole US of A, but you never know. Press release here:http://en-us.sennheiser.com/news-sennheiser-petitions-fcc-to-compensate-owners-of-wireless-microphone-equipment-as-spectrum-faces-repacking-for-second-time- --S
  3. I recall someone saying that the Sennheiser G3 transmitters are compatible with a different brand of wireless slot receivers. I can’t remember if it was the Lectrosonics SR series or some other brand when switched to compatibility mode. Can someone please tell me which receiver would work? thanks,
  4. Hi all UK soundies. Does anyone know where I can hire a camera hop (Zaxcom, lectros or Wisycom etc) with all the cables and 'V-lock' mounting system. I would prefer Zaxcom (but not with TRX 900/STA combo) as I have experience with this but totally open to any suggestions. Looking for a week's hire in the week starting 5th of May. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Will. w dot planitzer at ntlworld dot com
  5. Hello, I was recently watching the "behind-the-scenes/making-of" DVD for the British period drama "Downton Abbey". The sound mixer mentioned that all the characters were wired for primary dialogue and boom mics/shotguns were used mainly for atmosphere. With all the intricate period costumes and many characters in a scene, I was curious about the lav/wireless sytems used and how it is all dealt with. Forgive me for not catching the sound mixers name, but I certainly admire his work and the scope of the series. Thanks kindly, Dave
  6. Hi I'm looking to upgrade my radio system and Im favoured towards 2 Lectroconices systems. Most of my work is documentary and reality based shows with a basic bag kit of 2 to 3 wireless radio mics. I'd appreciate advice and opinions from current Lectrosonics users, it's a big investment after all!! Im guessing the advantage of the SMQV is the longer battery life over the SMV. But it seems to me this is really only an advantage when using the higher power outputs. Is longer battery life a better option than smaller size? Then... are the LMa or UMa a better option than the SMV or the SMQV? And if so why? Now receivers? One SRb5P two channel receiver? or two UCR411a receivers? Thanks in advance for your opinions... greatly valued as usual Mick
  7. Warning: I'm a newbie so pardon the stupid question. I really just want to tally what's the most popular combo out there. Please list what's your Transmitter/Receiver and your opinion of how it's working for you and why you like using that combo
  8. I have bought a DPA 4067 with no connector, I'd like to wire it for my zaxcom TRX900 or sennheiser sk50. As it has only two wires, how do i wire them?
  9. Hi New member from Denmark Where can I sell my Audio Limit 2020 ? Frequency have change and I am not allow to use my Audio Limit 2020 in Denmark. Where are these legal to use, and where can I sell this set. They are in absolute very good condition and frequency is 800.050 to 810.450. Please let me know if you know where to sell these. If some one here is interested you are welcome to contact me. Thank you Michael/Denmark
  10. Hey guys I am on a gig where the subjects are walking in abandonned places and they need to wear Tyvec suits, they look terrible and it sounds terrible also! (see the attachment) The boom won't be able to get close enough in most situations so wireless are needed. I was thinking maybe to mic the forehead with a strap inside the hood, or else see the mic outside the vest by doing a hole in the suit. I am sure both options won't work because the "talents" will remove their hood outside the building and the compagny won't let me do holes in the suits... I will do test on a suit soon but I would love to hear you on this.
  11. Hi, I have noticed a lowering of performance of my two wireless systems during a recent shoot: 2 Lectro UCR 401 and two LMa transmitters, their reach was way lower than usual I did a scan test - everything was clear; They were on the same group, therefore no intermodulation problems; I never had any problems with rf spray from my recorder (a nomad . The shooting was on the sea, it was hot and very umid. The peopel miked were sweting a lot. Could the swet or the umidity and other climat conditions have affected the perfomance fo my two systems?
  12. I'm an independent doc shooter, and will be shooting in a remote area for 3 months, on trails. I'll have to move fast with my subjects, so I'm looking to minimize the weight. I currently own a c100, two Lectro LMa TXs, with one 401 and one UCR100 RXs. Usually I use the Rycote plate and strap my 401 to the hotshoe of the C100 handle (pictured). But I'm looking for advise on 1. How to run two wireless units on this setup (mounting options?), while 2. keeping small weight. I love the 401 quality, so am considering purchasing a second, but wonder how I would deal with mounting or tethering to a waste belt that stashes two 401's next to my lenses. I then wonder if upgrading to Lectro SRb would let me capture two wireless channels from my LMa's, mount to the hotshoe, and feed to either one or both C100 input channels, would be an option? Thoughts or advise? Chris.
  13. Hi everybody, I'm going to record sound for a documentary in New York City in october and would have information about available UHF frequencies. I have wireless system using the allowed frequencies in Belgium: a Lectrosonics Srb and SMDB in block 20 (512-537,5 MHz) for Lavalier mic and a Sennheiser G3 (823-865 MHz) for monitoring sound to the camera. I had the informations that the block 20 is not the worst in NYC but the best is the 26 and that also depend of the place in NYC (north, south etc.). I don't know yet precisely where I'm going to shoot. Has anybody experimented the using of these frequencies in NYC? Could anybody using available frequencies in NYC give me some tips? I'm alone to record and boom so I plan to use the antennas provided with the UHF systems. Using directionnals antennas could help but seems to me a bit difficult and not ergonomic to use in this case but if you have advices or tips to improve the reception, that is welcome. Thanks in advance for your help, Bruno S.
  14. Hello everybody, I'll be soon recording sound for a documentary shooting Russia, very far east close to the border with China. It's quite remote so i would expect too much UHF interferences but does anyone know what frequencies can be used in this region ? Knowing that wireless kit available around here (Belgium) are covering approximatly 510-565 MHz. Thank you very much and have a nice weekend ! Laszlo
  15. Hi everybody, i've been working as location sound recordist mainly with a soundbag, but now i switch to a sound cart setup. i'm using 4 sennheiser ek 3241 receivers. can anybody tell me what is the best way to run them with two fin antennas? i think it's a simple question, but i would be happy to get some good advices
  16. Hi All, Ok, I've seen in the version notes where remote transmitter frequency changing is supposedly possible with the Zaxcom wireless transmitters. This feature is at best undocumented beyond the rev. notes. Does it really exist, and how does one do such a thing!? I've got TRX900LAs, a 942 and IFB100 Thanks, John
  17. Can anyone help me with wiring an Audio Technica PRO-35 mic for use with a Lectrosonics LMa transmitter? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks in advance, Robert
  18. Hi guys, this is my first post. I just got asked by a production that which walkies they should buy. I'm no expert on the subject, but in my opinion as long as they dont buy anything within my wireless freq range i should be fine. I was thinking suggesting the Motorola CP200 seeing as they dont really have much of a budget for these, and these seem like they would be the best for that price range. They come in VHF or UHF Models, which should i advise them to choose? Anyone have experience with these or other similarly priced models? Should i tell them to get the most expensive ones and buy once cry once??? Any input on this would be great.
  19. Shout out to my UK Soundies! Hope you're having a busy year... I'm looking at buying a wireless link to camera and could really do with some advise, please. I've found a lot of info on here and in other areas but nothing that hits the nail on the head. My question is: what frequencies are people in the UK using (and plan on using in the future) for wireless hops, given that some frequency distance is required between the hop and the adjacent receivers? I'm currently using the Audio Ltd envoy system (channel 38) and although my 4 mic RX (microns) are in the low end of the band and the hop TX is in the 22-24Mhz area, Im still getting loads of spray on my Mic RX when in the bag (no surprise as the Hz are still quite close). So, I'm wearing the hop TX on my belt and using my body as a 'RF sponge' but my range is still radically reduced. The hop TX are also on low output power, which i believe is 30mw. Now im looking at buying a hop so id like to know if there are any bands i could sneak into that are far enough away from the 606-614 band so as my hop could sit happily in the bag with the mic RX? The new zaxcom TRX900CL camera link looks perfect for me but im sure even with their attention to reducing RF spray, im still going to loose a lot of juice from my mic systems if the hop is used in the ch38 block. What are you guys & girls doing? Any advise is much appreciated. Thanks, Doug
  20. Hi mates, I have a question about microphone lemo 3 pin connection. Can I use sanken cos11 lemo 3 pin with both Wisycom Mtp40 and Sennheiser 2000? Does they have the same connection? Thank you very much Bye Turi
  21. Zaxcom now has product registration on there web site. You can register you Zaxcom product and choose to receive email updates about your gear. http://www.zaxcom.com/product-registration
  22. Check out this video shot and edited by a Zaxcom user. This was shot at NAB 2013. https://vimeo.com/64919900
  23. Hello everyone. This is my first post here. I do a number of roles in video/film production including directing, camera and editing. But in the last year there has been more demand in my services as a boom op/production sound recordist. Specifically in the narrative branch which is the most enjoyable for me. As interest has picked up I've been adding to my sound kit. The most recent addition has been the Sennhieser G3 deluxe wireless kit from B and H. My package has arrived now. Before I dig into it I want to check into the wireless spectrum that is best for Seattle. My unit happens to be "A". A friend mentioned that that "G" is a good way to go. Somewhere in the last year I did see a list of spectrum recommendations per city/region. Since the system was not inexpensive I want it to work well for some time to come. I may in time end up working in the larger production hubs as well. So being up on the spectrum issues will be a plus. Does anyone have knowledge on this subject or access to a data base? Thanks much! Michael Kleven www.michaelkleven.com
  24. For those of you heading to NAB next week, please use this interactive map to locate us in the Central hall (it will be hard to miss us...) booth C1720. http://www.mapyourshow.com/shows/index.cfm?Show_ID=nab13&exhid=100379&booth=C1720&hall=B If you still haven't registered but are considering it, just go here and use code LV4213 for a free exhibits pass: http://registration3.experientevent.com/ShowNAB131/Default.aspx We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas!
  25. hello my fellow sound afficionados, I was hoping one of you people on this great site here could help me in regards to a wireless question: do you know what frequncy blocks they use in Barbados? Or if you could point me into the right direction as to who to contact to find that out? Any help will be much appreciated! have a great day everybody, best always, Dennis
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