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  1. Being on the verge of spending money again, I want to make sure this is the right step before parting ways with my hard earned cash. I'm a sound mixer who is relatively new to the craft (about 9 months doing location audio) and I want to invest in some pro quality wireless. One of the things that I feel is most key to being a good sound person is to have pristine audio. Now pristine is a relative idea but getting as close as possible is a good approach when you don't have the clients or money to access the top quality Zaxcom's/Lectro systems. My question is about the sound quality of a Sennheiser G3 Wireless system wired to a Sanken COS11 lavaler vs. Lectro LMa/Lectro UCR100 wired to a Sanken COS11 = ?
  2. Hi Folks, At last months AES, Henry Cohen chaired a seminar entitled, "TVBDs and Geo-Location Databases: An In-Depth Look and Their Impact on Wireless Microphone Usage" with an all star group of panelists. Here's the write up from AES' website: Panelists : Jesse Caulfield, Key Bridge Global Joe Ciaudelli, Sennheiser USA Ira Keltz, Federal Communications Commission Michael Marcus, Marcus Spectrum Solutions Steve Mendelsohn, ABC NY Jets David Pawlik, Skadden Arps Edgar Reihl, Shure, Inc. James Stoffo, independent entertainment production RF coordinator Television band devices (TVBD) are a reality and the first of the geo-location databases directing TVBD operations are in the testing phase. Operating wireless microphones, IEMs, intercoms and cueing in this new environment requires understanding how the databases work and the rules governing both licensed and unlicensed wireless production equipment. This panel brings together a diverse group of individuals intimately involved from the beginning with TVBDs, databases and the new FCC rules as well as seasoned veterans of medium to large scale wireless microphone deployments to discuss how the databases operate, how to use the database for registering TV channel usage, and best procedures and practices to insure minimal problems. Because this topic will define the future of wireless mics for the foreseeable future, we asked Henry if we could video tape the seminar. Here are the links: Part 1: http://vimeo.com/32188941 Part 2: http://vimeo.com/32197887 Please note that due to union regulations at the Javits, we were limited to a single camera "anthropological" record of the event, and no audio feed - I had to post-sync the mp3 recording of the seminar to the video! But, there is an amazing amount of information and opinions expressed at the seminar. We are in the middle of writing an in-depth article on the new TVBDs and their effect on wireless mics which will appear in next month's Gazette, but in the mean time this video has a lot of information. One thing is clear: If you are eligible for a Part 74 FCC licence, GET IT! Peter Schneider Gotham Sound
  3. First an intro... I have been an on and off prod. sound mixer for 4 years in the Dominican Republic. (on and off because I moved to spain for a while and also started a small av contracting business which i am currently closing) Mostly did commercials and the occasional documentary or tv program(over 60 or 70 commercials). I am currently on my second feature. Little by little I have been able to purchase the following gear: SD 744t SD 442 Sennhesier MKH 416 Sennhesier MKH 50 2 Tram tr50 4 Sennhesier G2/G3 wireless Bags, Rycote windshield kits, 18 ft and 12ft boompoles, plus aditional bells and whistles. Looks like I'm going to be doing some features now. (pinewood building 6 lots here+ new film legislation has come into effect implementing tax incentives for film/tv production.) This is what i would like to know. Keep in mind there is no local rental house i can deal with. Obviously the G2s are my weakest link. Thinking my next purchase should be a Venue with atleast 3 SMQs this will run me about 7K no-one even owns lectrosonics here and i just know it would give me great piece of mind (also RF space isn't very well regulated and could probably get away with running them at 250mw output. Are there any down sides other than being forced onto a cart? Does a cart seem like overkill for a 442 744t setup? Anything I should think about buying before, like TC slate for example? I love the idea of getting a 788t eventually with cl9, but seams like overkill without enough mics to fill the 8 inputs. Any comments would be greatly appreciated, I know there have been a lot of threads on this forum about this, but most answers included renting lectrosonics or other proper wireless or other necessary equipment instead of buying.
  4. Just letting everyone know that we have added a new adapter to our inventory specifically for the Lectrosonics MM wired Lavalieres. Here is a video on the new product!
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