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Found 12 results

  1. Hey guys/gals I had a quick newbie question. I am pretty new to sound and my kit consists of a sound devices 552, mixpre 10 and sennheiser wireless. I was gifted a wisycom mcr42 and one mtp40 transmitter. All the mics I have are locking 3.5 and was wondering if there was an adapter anyone knew about to make a locking 3.5 into a 3 pin lemo. I looked online but the verbiage associated with them was not clear, hence me asking the experts!
  2. Hi. I've got my new Wisycom system. I am confused about the gain setting. Even if the bar is in the middle I've got some distortion on my VT 506, MKE2 and B6 when the voice gets louder. Before Wisycom I've used Lectrosonics without any problems even at higher gains. Does someone have an advice or using the same mics and can recommend a gain setting?
  3. Had a shoot in a building that may or may not have had an FM radio station broadcasting from it in the Mid-Wilshire district of Los Angeles. Multiple frequency scans with my Wisycom MCR42S receivers with the latest firmware produced many clear frequencies with very low noise floors. Upon dialing up the transmitters (MTP40S with latest firmware), the gain level on the transmitter showed that the lav mic cable was acting like an antenna and picking up all kinds of stray RF. Here's a photo of the transmitter gain level in a silent room with a DPA 4061. Tried a B3 and COS-11 and got the same resul
  4. Hi there, I´ve used the UMP II by Ambient for some time now with an old Lectro Txs UM400 but I want to use them now with a Wisycom's MTP40. Problem is my Wisycoms use microdot conector and I can't seem to find the way of making the cable from the UMP to the Tx. I tried using an old DPA microdot cable but it only has 2 wires, so tried positive / ground, positive / Negative + Ground. I think there's no way of soldering a Microdot to any other 3 way cable. Has anyone use this setup? Know how to solve this?
  5. Hallo everyone, i got two different Wisycom SetUps consisting of A: Wisycom MCR42S + 2x MTP40S (470-700 MHz) B: Wisycom MCR42 + 2x MTP41 (566-798MHz) I want to use them together intermod free in the same Group/TV CHannel but noticed that their frequency plans slightly differ from oneanother (See pictures attached). How can that be and can I just go and change that frequency layout from one reciever to match it to the other without getting intermodulation problems? Thanks! B: A:
  6. Hi. I have a problem to use the Sanken CUB-01 with the transmitter Wisycom MTP-40S. Does anyone have any suggestions on its connection mode? Thanks.
  7. Hi, (how) can i upgrade the MCR-42 receiver to be able to use the SEN, AL, etc. compatibility modes? I can acces the ENC and ENR modes only. Do i need to send it in or there is a way using the IR interface? Has anybody done that? Thanks
  8. I'm rigging a psc euro cart for a drama series and have the possibility of using a pic six pack to wrangle receivers together. I'd like to send signal to a 788t from wisycom mcr42 via aes but can't tell if it will work. I've contacted the mfg, but they haven't gotten back to me yet so I'm hoping I can discover something here. is there anyone here who currently does this? is there a workaround that was necessary? the psc six pack is a perfect layout for me as I'll have two booms and 6 lavs most days, but perhaps there are other good options? (no, the sound dashboard will not work, as I need on
  9. This Wednesday July 30th! Join us at our Los Angeles branch as we host Massimo Polo for a special Wisycom Q&A session. Massimo will be discussing some future firmware updates, getting the most of your system, and best practices for wireless on set. The event starts at 10 am PDT. You can RSVP by emailing rsvp@trewaudio.com
  10. Just a quick note that Wisycom's Massimo Polo will be at Gotham on Monday May 5th at 2:30. He'll be there for employee training, but we're opening it up to anyone interested in attending. For more information, please visit: https://www.gothamsound.com/event/words-wisydom Thank you, Peter
  11. Hi mates, I have a question about microphone lemo 3 pin connection. Can I use sanken cos11 lemo 3 pin with both Wisycom Mtp40 and Sennheiser 2000? Does they have the same connection? Thank you very much Bye Turi
  12. I’m on a stunts day so I have a chance to write between the explosions. Seems that NAB didn’t bring any announcements of new gear from Lectro. That got me thinking about my wish list of improvements to radio mic systems - regardless of manufacturer. When I started in this industry 30 years ago I used Micron VHF radio mics which were fixed frequency. Later models had three switchable frequencies. I became used to what we now call frequency agile wireless about fifteen years ago with the Audio Ltd 2020, later the 2040 range and now use Lectro. A lot of the equipment we use is tuneable over perh
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