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Found 4 results

  1. Hey there, I went on a shoot yesterday where I didn't bring my own equipment. Sometimes I'm up for the challenge of making the best out of what you have at hand and improvise. The production had a Zoom H6 a "Boom", which was a Rode Pistolgrip screwed on a Sachtler Camera Monopod. Oh and no Audio-Bag whatsoever. I always bring my "Harness" just to have it. This is the Solution I came Up with. I made a loop out of Gaffa and wrapped it around the XLRr of input 2 and 4 of the Zoom. Later on i moved the wireless recievers up to the shoulder straps so I could see them with a little awkward headtwisting and the antennas weren't covered by my body anymore. It worked very well. I even could watch the meters while booming because of the slightly tilted screen. The Zoom Itself is a pain to monitor though because you cant really switch the single inputs for monitoring while recording. A quick and dirty solution.
  2. Hi, First off, I realize the Zoom H6 is not an ideal recorder for a field mixer. I plan to cross-grade to a Tascam DR-40 soon. But I still want the H6 to record iso's from the direct outs. Also, the TRS module's -12dB backup recording of my mix out is nice to have. I wish there was a feature to set the input gain in the menu and disable the pots. For now, gaff tape works fine. Anyone hacking the firmware on these or know where I can submit a feature request? I'm currently running everything mic out from the 442 to the H6 and not engaging any pads. Tone on the 442 is set to the 0VU/0dBu default, and on the H6, when set to 0VU/-20dBFS, the signal hits around -17dBFS on the main meters, so I have to bring them down a bit to -20dBFS. The Question: Should I keep it mic out to the H6 (pots around 5), or run line out and engage the -20 pad (pots around 2)? I'm just worried that I'll subtly drive them too hard, but I also realize the SD should do the heavy lifting with gain and try to avoid the H6 preamps as much as possible. Alternately, are inline attenuators a safer bet than the H6 pads? The Zoom is a cool unit on it's own, it's just that it's limitations quickly pile up when you upgrade by adding a field mixer. Any experiences or insight would be appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Hey lovelies, sorry I've been lurking lately and less than vocal, buuuut What are y'all thoughts on the zoom h6? I'm thinking about it as a backup/second recording unit, primarily for those situations where I need to have a lower profile than my standard bag can provide, or where I'm expected to both record from a board feed and need to be a roaming unit at the same time. I do a lot of documentary run and gun, so these situations pop up enough that I'm willing to spend a couple hundred on making my life easier. Initially I was leaning towards the Tascam dr-100mkll, but the 4 xlr inputs on the h6 are a little tempting (though I'm pretty sure I'd just use my beloved nomad for anything over 3). I realize the zoom is well into the "prosumer" genera regarding quality of recordings and I've read a few reviews regarding preamps and noise and whatnot, but my main concerns for what I need from it are physical. The xlrs don't lock, and the control nobs don't lock either and don't have any sort of a protective covering- I'm expecting to occasionally have it in a non-audio bag and I'm concerned about controls getting tousled around. The tascam locks and most of the controls are internal, so I'm imagining it can take more of a thrashing. Has anyone used the zoom6 or have any input?
  4. Hello Fellow JW Sound Travelers, This year for AES at the Javits Center in NYC, we have something truly special in store for you! Join us as we exhibit with Sound Devices, Lectrosonics, and Radio Active Designs. Jon Tatooles and Pat McConnell of Sound Devices will be traveling here from the fields of Wisconsin to present their expertise on field recording. Karl Winkler from Lectrosonics comes from Rio Rancho, New Mexico to give you his take on the future of wireless and show off his amazing wireless range. Geoff Shearing and James Staffo are scheduled to arrive just in time to tell you about their new products which take wireless off the UHF spectrum and into VHF. Massimo from Wisycom will be making a guest appearance in our booth to update you on the future of his products! Saturday, 10/19 we are proud to have the illustrious straight Martin Kelly racing straight off the set of Comedians in Cars to give you a special presentation on Multitrack Recording featuring his custom touch screen rig we collaborated with him on Spike TV's Ink Master. Full schedule and register for your free guest pass in our October Gazette. Other cool stuff: We now are proud re-sellers of the Zoom H6 and Tascam DR-60D. These products will also be show in our booth. Interested in our studio side? Sal Barra will be showing off his Awesome Transistor Channel Amplifier. Interested in swag? We'll have tons of it !! Check it out !
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