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  1. Dear Ambient customers in the United States and Canada, We are happy to announce that from now on Redding Audio will be our exclusive distributor for the USA and Canada. This is a big step forward for our North American business and will bring a lot of advantages to you as customers. Since Redding will keep our products in stock, availability of Ambient products at your local dealer will be improved drastically and shipping costs will be significantly reduced compared to now. Thanks to that, even small products like our boompole accessories, our power supply, EMP adaptors and microphone power supply will be attractive add-ons for our US portfolio. Furthermore we will be setting up a much more convenient service structure in the USA. We are proud of our high quality standard. In the event that an Ambient product breaks, you can feel confident that the turnaround time will be as short as possible. And now we would like to take the chance to particularly thank Scott Boland for his personal devotion and commitment. Thank you for your trust in our company, we hope that by this move we will be closer to you and your needs. Your Ambient Recording team
  2. I guess the biggest change for the audio side of things at NAB could arguably be wireless timecode. The Timecode buddy made a big splash in the waters. Timecode over wifi!? Wahoo! But Ambient did the same thing - currently, it doesn't speak to Idevices mind you but with their new firmware speaking to each of the ACL204's and it functioning properly I'm sure the next software update will speak to Idevices and their timecode app. Then of course - Zaxcom Nomad and their ERX1TCD's - do a similar thing. The ERX1TCD can serve as both "comtek" and/or timecode receiver. The cool thing here is on drop out, the ERX1TCD is also a generator so it continues its timecode. And guess what? All on a wifi 2.4ghz signal. Could Zaxcom not build an app for the Ipad? Technically pricing is relatively similar. So which is the better system and why? Why go with one over the other? Is wifi a reliable transmission? It sure is nice to not have to re-jam every three hours. Anybody have any experience and recommendations? What features make one better?
  3. Hi everybody, I'm soon going to buy my first boompole. Sometime ago I tried an Ambient QX from a local rental company and I liked how it did perform, so I'm thinking about ordering this one. Can anybody post about their experience with their QX poles? What are the pros and cons of using them? I'm mainly concerned about stiffness, handling noise and how smooth, durable and reliable the joint connections are. I WON'T be using the pole with an internal cable, and I'm in Europe. Thanks in advance for the input.
  4. Happy birthday to you! 20 years Lockit!! We celebrate this event with an extraordinary limited aluminum special edition and new accessories... A good 20 years ago Guenter Knon worked for the German candid camera TV show. After countless episodes he was getting tired of lining up the Nagras and cameras in the morning each and every day. So he and Chris Price sat down together and after one year and several prototypes the first ACL Lockit was born. In the following 20 years this fellow became more and more famous and reproductive. Thus it rapidly became the head of the well-known Clockit family. This clan was so powerful that they were able to take over the leadership of the international portable sync and time code market. Their strength was based on their internal accuracy, their ability to be tuned to match all situations, and most importantly, on a network of good friends and supporters worldwide. We want to celebrate this with an extraordinary Special Edition of our recent ACL 204: THE ACL 204 anniversary edition… …is a limited run of 200 units with a “full metal jacket”, a machined, pearl blasted and anodized aluminum body. Thanks to the more robust material we could reduce the wall thickness and therefore exactly maintain the weight and price. Together with the anniversary Lockit we are proud to publish a brand new Lockit accessory. The ACL Mount… …is a quick release mount with a fixable 3/8” male thread. This makes the use of Velcro to attach your Clockit device to the camera a relic of the past. The ACM 204 was especially designed for the new aluminum body for older versions there will be a different model: The ACM-TL is a mount with adhere plate for ACN-TL or older ACls I hope you like the new products! Best Regards Timo
  5. Hello, A few months ago I started a thread here asking for information about gear, mostly about a new hyper mic. I received many and v helpful answers and advice which, together with some research mainly here, greatly helped me in buying the equipment i needed, even though some of them weren't on my list in the beginning. The microphone i chose was the Audix SCX1-HC, on which i found few comments and no sound samples, but since i always appreciated the brand i went for it. I have to admit that i am very satisfied with it. After completing 3 projects (feature length doc and 2 corporate videos) i can safely say that, imho, the mic has a very natural sound, with good detail, low sibilance, suitable both for male and female voices (amazing on acoustic guitar recordings too ). I am planning to make some test samples, when time permits it and share it here, so you can have a 'taste'. After many comments i decided to blow away my budget and went for an SD302.. and what a great buy was that! Sound quality aside (surely not much to comment here) i am truly amazed on how thoughtfully this device has been designed, allowing a fluid workflow and accounting for everything one would need at work. The booming pole also proved to be a great purchase, talking about the Ambient QX580, a very lightweight carbon fibre pole (bought on a great deal) with a stellar locking system. So, reason for writing this is to thank everybody that participated in my thread and also all that comment on equipment and general queries here, your help to new professionals on the field and me in specific is greatly appreciated. All the best
  6. Hey Guys, Back again for some insight. Starting my 3rd feature and we are going to be using the Alexa along with my 788t and an Ambient radio slate with one receiver. We will not be using lockits, so my plan is to have the ambient receiver on the camera and jam the slate from my 788t as much as possible. What mode is the best to work in? If we go with free run or 24 hour run, could i keep the wireless receiver off and just instruct the AC to flip it on for jamming purposes? Should we do a rec run setup? I know the camera guys wont be thrilled about me controlling camera record functions. I hear the Alexa keeps time code really well. BTW, I will not be sending a scratch track to camera.
  7. OK, so, came off a set last week. I'm angry at the DP. I'm angry at the camera. The DP for being a douche and calling me unprofessional for not owning a smart slate (apparently, a "real" professional owns one), and the camera for its inability to hold a time code (RED ONE MX). So, now that I am thoroughly pissed off, I am thinking of buying that slate next week, just to pummel the DPs face with it. What would you guys recommend? I see the Denecke has more heft than the Ambient, so is bound to make a greater impact. But in all seriousness, I think the Ambient ACD301 RF looks super tasty, but it's not cheap and I haven't seen it in use very often (at least not in the circles I run), or the Denecke TS-3EL which I have seen more of (albeit run down), but don't have the same expandability as the ambient system.
  8. As you may know, Ambient changed the design of their QP line of boom poles last year from matte black coated carbon fiber to a shiny weave of carbon fiber. Since buying a new QP-4140 last year, I've run into a couple of problems with it reflecting bright light sources that hit it directly. Normally you can cross a bright light source as long as it doesn't cast a shadow into frame or change the light level but the new design reflects light so this isn't always possible. In the attached pictures, there was a Source 4 to my right firing into the cabinet on the left and I was booming someone under it. If I were to barely break the beam of light, a ring of light reflected off the surface of the boom into the room which was very noticeable (pictured). I called Ambient in Germany, asked numerous people on set, other fellow boom slingers and even posted in the jwsound Facebook group asking for ideas on how I can dull the surface of the boom but thought I'd try here too. Suggestions ranged from trying to sand the boom with 600 grain (after a lot of sanding with many pieces of sandpaper it took the shiny finish off it but the weave still reflects) and sanding it with #0000 steel wool (if it did anything, I couldn't see it) to the ridiculous such as wrapping it in paper tape. If you have any thoughts or experience with such things, I'd appreciate the input. I'm hoping the solution isn't to pay to have it professionally matte painted with a non-chipping coating or something (if there is such a thing that would work) but I'll take the time to try a solution if might help. Obviously, I'm trying to not destroy the pole. Thanks, in advance, for your input.
  9. Ambient Clockit Network - the next step in digital content production workflow As typical set-ups in film and multimedia productions get more and more sophisticated the extensive use of metadata has become essential for an effective work flow. These data are embedded into the files of the respective machines on recording. However, since no common file and metadata structure has been settled, each manufacturer saves in their best suiting configuration. Additionally, there is no interchange between the different recorders on the set which results in the need to extract and consolidate metadata tediously in post. This is where the Ambient Clockit Network comes in. The goal was to create a system as open as possible and simultaneously merge real-time and file embedded metadata. Based on the unrivaled accuracy of the highly acclaimed Clockit system the ACN uses global time code as reference to create a comprehensive shot list containing start and stop times of each and every recording and machine. Adding to that real time metadata can be ingested giving access to previously unavailable information such as lens control data of 3D rigs. To interface with as many brands and units as possible the ACN devices sport an interface that can be configured to either RS232 or half duplex event log. The protocol in use will be fully documented for effortless 3rd party integration and even provide remote configuration of the Clockit units so manufacturers are free to participate from the unsurpassed accuracy of the Clockit system. The ACN itself uses a proprietary wireless mesh network for communication to minimize lag and interference with other radio sources. Information will be buffered until successful dump has been confirmed by the server which is a rugged portable box with integrated webserver. Tablets, smart phones, and computers can log in on a restricted rights management basis so that e.g. script would access different information than a data wrangling system.
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