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Found 3 results

  1. an Amira timecode question. Film I am on at the minute, the DIT tells me that a few takes a day are 40 seconds to a minute out of sync, whilst everything else is absolutely fine. he can see no pattern to which takes will be out of sync, and it may be take 3 and 4 that is out, and take 5 is fine. Have ruled out the cards camera is recording to as it happens across all 4 cards that they are using. I am using a 788T fed into a Zaxcom cameralink, which transmits to the ERX receiver permanently attached to camera. everything set to 24fps. and i dont believe that camera has gone off speed yet on this film. I believe that the settings on camera are correct and on the ERX. The camera certainly picks up timecode as soon as the box is plugged in. and the camera is very rarely out of range of the zaxnet signal for long enough to drift. though 40 seconds doesnt really seem like drift, more like a massive error somewhere. my only thought of what to try is to use lockit box, but as i dont own one, would prefer to try and get the camera rental company to provide one to see if that solves the issue. though after speaking to the DIT, he is saying that as long as its only a few takes a day, he can manage with it. but if it gets worse, he will have a word with the money people to see if they can get a lockit for a few days to see if that cures it. I will happily buy a lockit if that cures the issue, but dont want to spend the money if it turns out to be a camera issue. the thought occurs that we have 2 cameras in today for a big fight scene, so will be keeping an eye out in case the cameras both have this issue on the same take. but the point of this long winded explanation was to see if anyone else had experienced the same thing. thanks
  2. I'm looking to find a means to mount my Zaxcom RX900 camera hop onto an Amira. I know there is a mount coming out to attach a slot in RX (SRb etc) to the battery plate, but nothing as far as I know for the Zaxcom. What I'm ideally looking for is to mount a plate via the 3 screw holes just above the XLR inputs (see pic). I believe Hawk Woods have made custom mounts in the UK, but I'm LA based and ideally need something by the end of the week. I spoke to Mike at BEC this morning and he has some great ideas for an "L" shaped plate that will attach to the standard BEC zaxcom box, and that would be an ideal solution, but it's going to take him 3 weeks. I already have saddle bags, cold shoe mounts, etc, etc, but it'd be great to find a neater solution. No luck with the usual suspects (Trew, Location, etc) here, so any ideas would be welcome!!
  3. I've worked on Amirs before and haven't run into this problem. It is embedding 5 tracks of audio in every clip. I have been through every setting on the camera, and made sure to turn off channels 3 and 4 and still there are blank channels being recorded. So the merges in Da Vinci are crashing. While The BM folks have actually acknowledged that they have a merge/crash problem, we don't know if the above "5 tracks" problem is the cause. However, I'm guessing it is. They said they will get back to me...eventually...after the 5 day shoot is over I'm sure... I have confirmed the 5 track in each clip issue in multiple programs (Premiere, Da Vinci and FCP-X). It happens with 4 tracks or 2 tracks enabled on the camera.
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