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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I have been using a PSC RF multi (distro function on, amplifier function off) with the Diversity fin (dipole & sharkfin combo, non-powered) for several years with mostly flawless results. However i'm on a job now where one of the 6 wireless is play is giving me frequent drop outs due to the perfect combo of that talent being just far enough with the transmitter on their back, with their body directly in line between the raised antenna and the transmitter. There was no way to adjust it on the fly today (and the problem was minor enough), but I'm planning on fixing it before we go tomorrow and butting up against my knowledge of antenna distribution / signal loss / cable runs. So i have a few questions: -I've heard running non-powered antennas (same meaning as "passive"?) more than 70 feet is where you will get signal loss, but if you are willing to accept that loss, is that not a big deal? Or does that mean you will get more drop out because you are losing RF signal? My assumption that the .1 dB of signal loss per foot was in audio signal rather than RF signal. -If i connect two same resistance BNC cables (50 ohm) with a BNC barrel to make my cable run longer is that a bad idea? -I have another diversity fin and was planning to use the two sharkfin components (leave out the dipole) in different areas of the room to widen my spread. If one cable is longer than the other, can that create issues? Or is there a threshold where it doesn't matter? -Does the length of a coiled cable count as much as cable thats been run out? (i know electricity does things with coils in a specific way, but not enough to understand how it might affect this) Sorry if questions like these have been answered elsewhere, i did search but didn't find these specific questions very easily. Thanks in advance for any advice, i'm also happy to view any articles or resources that explains antenna distribution more thoroughly if anyone has a link! Best, Brett
  2. I found this on Ali Express - Leicozic 8 channels Signal Amplifier Antenna distributor system https://de.aliexpress.com/item/Leicozic-8-channels-Signal-Amplifier-Antenna-distributor-system-Antenna-Amplifier-for-Recording-Interview-Wireless-Microphone/32961947715.html?spm=a2g0x.10010108.1000016.1.cc65b395S39AwS&isOrigTitle=true What do you think about this system?
  3. Hi all, I know this topic has been covered, and I've been busy reading up on past posts, but I just wanted to double check a couple of things. I've just taken delivery of a 788T and was hoping to put together an antenna system using a Lectrosonics SNA600, to improve range for those jobs where I get to sit and might be a little further than I normally would be from 'talent' (I'm a bag mixer for TV/Reality/Ob Doc etc) I know that some are using the Mini Circuits ZFSC41. Is there any difference to this and say, the PSC RF Multi? Do I also need something like the Lectrosonics UFM50 to make up for loss of the passive RF splitter? I'm guessing that would also work with the PSC RF multi? Are there any other options? Does the UFM50 insert between SNA600 and splitter input? Is that about the size of things? Thanks! Jase
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