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Found 5 results

  1. I would like to please gather your input in a brainstorming frenzy! Portabrace haven't made too many significant changes to their AO-Organizer series of bags, with the recent AO-633 being an exception. It's been a project I've wanted to dive into and get started for a while, as I'd like to improve the bag line for all its users, including myself. After attending NAB this year, I was really encouraged by the feedback I got from users. So I am now making sure that Portabrace's "Audio Department"... Me. Discuss suggestions about product development and modifications. What better place to research those changes than here! Below is the current list of intended mods. But I would also like to establish as to wether the current removable sides of the AO bag need to remain removable? Are you using them for setups? Are they a waist of time? 1) The top lid zip closest to body was removed. 2) Added a removable double vinyl storage lid to the top. Opening away from the user. 3) Added three harness ring attachment points to each side of the bag. For increased attachment options and balance. 4) Reconfigured both right and left removable sides with: Left: External vinyl covered transmitter and receiver pockets. Right: External vinyl covered transmitter and receiver pockets and additional headphone/flask pocket. 5) Added velcro system that allows you to compact and compress the large front pocket flat against the bag when not in use or traveling. Along with the list above we are working on an access point to batteries and memory card slots (below the mixer) i.e 633, maxx, 552 and so on. (The AO-664 already features this design) Thank you for your input. I hope this doesn't get to crazy!
  2. Hi all, I'm after my first field bag (that won't break the bank), for my Sound Devices 702. I'm looking at the Sachtler SN607 and trying to glean some first hand experience. - From the odd forum post the 702 seems to fit well - My mic cables are straight XLR (is it good practice to use right angle connectors on recorders in field bags?), will the 702 fit with straight connectors? - is the front pocket large enough for a pair of headphones? - is this the same bag? I really wish Sachtler had more pics available. http://www.soundkit.co.uk/product/206/sachtler-deca-eargonizer-sound-bag-very-small--ps607 Other recommendations welcome (I am looking at used bags, if they pop up) Thanks for any input, JD
  3. Hi all, i m contemplating the idea of stepping up my antenna reception in my bag while remaining light and portable. Vast majority of my work my reception is sufficient with whips but once in a while i need that extra range. For now i got 3 lectro srb's (two in block 22 and one in block 25). i know i could get dipole antenna type to plug directly on the sr's but maybe allowing to remote my antenna to up to 15 feet would be better. size and weight is a priority in my choice of equipement and i d rather not have to put another piece in my bag permanently. Just something i could plug directly to the srb's sma when needed. thanks in advance for your advice, Dominique
  4. As some of you are already aware Orca Bags debuted our new line of audio bags and harness at NAB this year. We got a very positive response to our products and lots of good feedback at the show. We are currently incorporating that feedback and suggestions into our audio bags to make them even better and more tailored to you, the end user. The Orca sound bags are like no other bag that you have seen. The Orca offers maximum protection for your gear inside thanks to our extremely durable and lightweight aluminum and honeycomb frame. Added to that is an ethylene-vinyl acetate interior and layers of foam lined with ultra-soft blue brushed polyester. The frame was specifically designed to allow all four sides of the bag and the bottom too independently and completely open. This gives you access from all six sided of the bag. No other bag will give you unencumbered access like the Orca will. Imagine never having to pull anything out of your bag to get to the connectors and media slots on your mixer, recorders and wireless ever again. Our “Orca Lift” system allows you to position the mixer to any level within the bag while our sliding mount securely holds the mixer in place. The bag can be turned completely upside down and the mixer will remain fastened in place with no Velcro or other fasterners. Each bag has two large pockets that can be used for placing your battery, BDS and/or stowing all your accessories. On the front two bungee cords with tensioners are available for attaching your boom pole or for hanging cables on your bag. The carrying handles and shoulder strap are easily removable for your convince. Four external detachable pockets with a special twist locking mechanism are supplied as well. The Orca bags are available in three different sizes to accommodate all current field mixers and recorders. Orca was created to provide the best, customized bags and accessories for today’s working broadcast and cinema professionals worldwide. Our philosophy is to design products that reflect the input of working industry professionals, and give them with the best solution to get the job done, easily, comfortably and efficiently. Orca’s research and development team has been part of the cinema sound and TV industry for well over 30 years. It’s this experience that allows us to provide the finest gear bags and accessories, bar none. Our R&D team has crafted the entire Orca line using the most advanced technologies and superior materials available. The result is an unmatched, field-proven line of smart bags and accessories, expertly designed to carry and protect your gear. We expect to be shipping our bags and harness this summer. So please check out our web site and speak with your favorite dealer for availability. Thank You Offer Menashe CEO Orca Bags http://www.orcabags.com/
  5. Hey Guys, Finally, This is the second of the AO bags to go through the redesign process. Of course this bag is obviously very similar to the previous AO-1.5, the main change is the internal dimensions of the bag. Its the smallest of the AO bags. A lot of enquiries about the handles, pockets and modular sides have been brought up. I am dealing with quite a few requests for custom variations of the bag. I'll be sure to post pictures of these custom requests. Also, If certain customer adaptations or changes prove to be popular, then more than likely, that may well be an adaptation that can be permanently made to the factory stock AO. Thank you again for all your input and suggestions. 2.9lbs Empty, no strap. W11 x D5.5 x H6 The main changes from the old AO-1 are: Large access flap on back. (Media/Battery) With attached external pocket. NP1/BDS/transmitter pockets on both sides. Boom rest/headphone pouch/flask pocket on right. NP1 Velcro locks on each side. Metal harness attachment rings each side. Smaller compact collapsible front pocket. Accessory storage in front pocket. Interior copper colored lining. Longer carry handles. Longer vinyl cover. Double layer vinyl pocket for small equipment. Boom-pole attachment point. 2 x Solid dividers. http://www.portabrace.com/products/audio/organizers/923-ao-1x
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