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  1. Does anyone have any experience with GoalZero solar panels, their larger solutions look like they could work for a small cart. Is there any reason why they wouldn't work? check out this link http://www.goalzero.com/large-extreme.html
  2. Hey guys, I just received a second hand Lectrosonics mm400c today. I put a brand new battery in and tried to power it up, but had no success. Long story short, here are some steps I found useful for a possible quick fix. If the LEDs do not turn on then chances are the switch is to blame. The housing of these units is fully enclosed and power on is done with a magnetic button through the outer wall (waterproof design). Sometimes magnets might fall too far out of alignment and need to be sent in, but give this a try before the hassle. Picture 1 shows the magnet switch at off. Slide it to the middle where you will see to nubs that hold the button in tact expose (picture 2). Use tweezers, or something similar to pry the button out of the middle (picture 3). Now proceed to clean all the grooves from possible dirt or erosion, and place the button back in. I found in my case, there was just enough crud to prevent the sliding power switch to fully reach the on position. Hope this helps. Cheers!
  3. continuing from the great post "eneloop batteries...?!", i would like to ask the question: are there any 4 battery chargers that will charge the batteries individually? (this i ask as a space issue for traveling) the great info i learned from that post was that a 4 batt charger, when charging a pair of batts at a time will not charge both batteries equally. i did not know that. i love this forum. P.
  4. Professional Sound Services has put together a full Battery Life Expectancy Chart for your information. Keep this handy! CLICK BELOW FOR LARGER AND TO PRINT
  5. I was sure I read a post some time ago about L-series batteries, maybe it was on RAMPS, but couldn't find anything here through a search here. Anyway, I need to replace my Sony (7.2/4600) battery that I have sitting flush in my 788. It has always underwhelmed me, may have been a dud from the start. There seem to be a lot to choose from so I thought i'd see what others are using and happy with. Thanks!
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