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Found 2 results

  1. Needed a mic transmitter belt for an actress. Bought some heavy elastan/polyester fabric, large velcro and started the sewing machine. Custom fit!
  2. I was at Pro-Sound in Manhattan today picking up some equipment. On my way out I spotted a bag that looked really interesting. Upon further review, I noticed that the bag had a WAIST STRAP. Why is that in all caps? Because it's something that I have been thinking about for ages, and someone finally did it. Well. Really well. The idea is that the human body is not meant to carry large loads on the shoulders. This creates fatigue and neck strain, which can lead to headaches, sore shoulders and let's not forget the pain it is for bag mixers to boom while they are doing run and gun. The waist is much better suited to bear heavy loads. This idea has been proven since the advent of the first hiking backpacks with waist straps. Anyone who's ever used a proper hiking pack knows the waist carries the majority of the weight, and the shoulder straps simply keep the bag from tipping back off of you. So if you haven't skipped right to the pictures by now, here is the good part: Kortwich products are custom made, and Jason Todd from Pro-Sound ordered a stand alone strap so someone could sew one on to their bag! I would have bought it right then and there, but I have to figure out the best way to get the strap to interface with the PS614. My worry is that sewing the strap onto the back of the PS614 will put immense strain on the zippers on the back of the bag, and I'm currently searching for a way to mitigate this possible stress on the bag (all ideas welcome - pictures are helpful when discussing parts of the bag). So my opinion is that this IS the future of bag ergonomics, and the minute I figure out how to get this strap on the PS614 successfully I'm ordering one. The Kortwich Bag: Appears to be a great bag although I'm totally sold on Petrol setups. Excellent build quality. Plus a very substantial rain cover built in and the strap to the right is visible. I tried the bag on, albeit with no weight, but it was awesome. I think this is THE thing missing from all other bags and I'm publicly stating a request for this feature from Petrol in the future, please! The strap in all its glory: The strap as a standalone item: It's worth noting that the strap is padded in the back where the small part will sit on the small of your back (the large part up top would sew into your bag's back side. Me, trying to figure out how it can possibly work with the PS614: I'm not sold on it yet. I do not know if the PS614 can support the entire bag's weight that way...
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