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Found 4 results

  1. New to Jwsound and making a move to Nashville. Any insight on which blocks are useable in Nashville? Wondering if you can get away with using a sliver of B25. I’ve heard some areas will have a sliver of B25 open even though it’s not for use.
  2. Okay... my eyes (and brain) are glazing over. I just read an old thread where a member says he wired 40 people in ONE block! Wow... maybe I'm over-thinking my new bag(s). The gist is... I have a little trepidation about putting so much into SRb... with the LR/LT now available (only because of the difference in 1 block vs. 3 blocks)... HOWEVER... I still think the SRb is the defacto bag choice (or Wisy, etc.)... basically, that form-factor wins IMO... and, I fully understand Rado's obsession with weight-reduction. Anyway... so... choosing blocks! From what I've read, and experienced, here in STL... 19 is a good choice here. The common logic I get over and over from other soundies is go as low as you can on new purchases. 19 has been working well in STL... so... 2 SRb down in 19 (Thank you DVestore, for the great service)... and 1x 21 for hops to news cams. With the SL6 eminent... I'll definitely have 3 in there... and probably stack a couple more on top in a dashboard. These 5 SRb will alternate between the big reality 688 rig... and 2 at a time will go down into the little 633 (with dashboard) news/efp/small-gig-rig. Right now I'm trying to decide between 3x 19, and 2x 470... or 2x 19 and 3x 470... while still keeping them a full block away from the hops on 21. Thoughts so far? From what I've read on the archives here... and on the Lectro pages I think I'm heading in a solid direction. I feel like Lectro should have a clear, "pre-sales page" which sort of insures these choices, but so far I can't find it, if it exists, which is why I'm posting here. I've also got some G3 units that I use as both DSLR (or other economy hops)... and IFB. Bottom line on that is people aren't getting SRb hops if they're not paying for it, or unless the overall gig pays so well that it's covered... i.e. magazine shows and/or other high-end production... THAT'S when the G3 is handy. They're good enough for scratch hops (too good almost)... and pretty good at IFB... all from a single TX. My G3 TX is "A"... so here is the kit(s): Talent: 4x470 (or 6x470) 473.300 - 485.700 (470 can be tuned into block 19 manually, almost half-way at 495.500... does this increase the value of 470 enough to get 2 extra 470 and 2 less 19s?) 6x19 (or 4 x 19) 486.900 - 511.100 Cheap HOP and IFB Block "A" 515.000 - 558.000 SRb Hops Block 21 538.100 - 562.500 So... if you care to comment. I feel like this is a pretty good plan. Which, based on experience and reading Lectro charts for here, and other cities... should be good, but I'm wondering if it's a poor choice to have 10 wires (and likely 12 eventually) in only two blocks, 470-19... or if I'm right on the money? Needless to say... some major burning on the CC... I was hoping to find something on Lectro's site to reassure my plan... and from there, the archives here. My current bag is a hodge-podge of blocks... and models, 411, 211s, 210d, and 201s in blocks 21, 22, 24, and 25. I've done well with this kit, but there are days where it makes me work harder than I think I should have to (getting all the blocks to play nice through the numerous talent, IFB, and hop TX. I'm really hoping that my current plan will streamline all of this... and take some of the coordination stress out of reality gigs. Typical max on reality (for me anyway) is 8 wires... but if they're willing to pay for each wire after 2 or 4... I'm happy to load 'em up to the max ISO channels, but I would like to make it easier on myself than it has been.
  3. Hi guys, I'm a long time viewer of the site but haven't posted anything until now. Most of the time any questions I have can be answered by a scan through this site but I want to make sure i'm on the right track with this! I may be doing some work in Taiwan come November and i'm looking at frequencies over there. I have only previously worked in Europe. So far I have only found this - http://www.ncc.gov.tw/english/files/07060/92_070605_1.pdf Am I right in thinking I can use some frequencies of Channel 69 radio mics over there? All my equipment is currently CH38. It also seems I am limited to very low power transmitters- does anyone have any experience with this? Apologies if the question seems basic- i'm just doing my research in plenty of time and would like a few other opinions. Any other travel advice related to Taiwan would be greatly appreciated (i'm based in Manchester, UK). Lastly, thanks for the site Jeff- I don't know how long it would have taken me to learn what I have without this site! Kyle
  4. This is my first post on JWS and I was hoping to get some help on a couple of out of town shoots I have coming up. The first stop is Dubai, and I was wondering what kind of luck people have had shooting in Dubai and what Blocks they have had success with. The next place is Bergen, Norway and same question. Thanks in advance for your help!
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