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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, Looking for a sound friendly CPA in the Los Angeles area who can handle my 2015 filings and consult about whether or not it's time to establish a loan-out corp. Appreciate the references should y'all have any. Thanks in advance!
  2. I would like to get into the sound for picture business doing documentary/film/TV work and ENG work as a Sound Recordist and Boom Operator. I've been a sound engineer for 11 years in New York City mostly mixing sound for galas and corporate events. I have a bachelor's degree in recording arts and music production. I have a great set of ears and great personality. How can I get into this business? Who do I call? Where do I go? What should I look for? Where should I start?
  3. So I'm having to track ppl down to get 1099's from them they are all asking for my SS number. Do you guys give out your SS number that often? I feel like I'm handing out to ppl I've barely worked with for a two day gig here and there...and I hate it... Tim
  4. Now I know that most people likely work as a freelancer and get 1040's etc, but has anyone created a business and marketed yourself as a business, or does that make no sense once one has joined the union? To me it would make sense to go as a business, so that if something were to happen and one defaulted on their loans for that new Zaxcom recorder they just bought then all the bank can go after is your other gear and not your house or car. The other thing is creating a network, does it make any financial sense to have a business and hire other mixers (employees) to do gigs you cannot do and your employees use your gear. This would mean you would take the rental home, but the sound mixer would take the dayrate or w/e. If you do own a business, which do you think works the best, from my perspective the LLC looks the most appealing since you have pass through taxes, and your personal assets are protected from seizure in the event of bankrupcy or whatever. Thanks guys and Senator Mike. Tim
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