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Found 3 results

  1. Hello all. Recently I had a gig with 2 C300s which I was jamming via a zaxcom TRX900CL feeding two RX200. The cameras picked up the my timecode no problem but the letter next to the timecode in the camera display was changing from 'E' (External - my timecode) to 'F' (Freerun or the camera's internal time code) every second or two. Visually the timecode looked to be running fine. Everything was set to 23.98 and I don't think the problem was related to reception. Any thoughts or insights int this would be appreciated.
  2. So I've been driving myself crazy lately with an audio issue that's really not an issue. I work with the same C300 very often, and I've been noticing some strange interference just recently. I notice it during sit down interviews when I listen to the camera return...I hear little blips like digital crickets. the thing is, audio from the mixer is clean, so it's not the mics picking up interference. I've swapped out my cables and breakaways to the camera, so it's probably not them. Every so often I just start hearing these blips, very very softly in the background. It's not something you would notice unless you're listening for it, but I hear it loud and clear now. This problem also doesn't occur on other C300's (not that I've seen yet). I also know it's not the return cable picking up interference because the crickets are on the recorded clip (I've attached that below). The clip is room tone with the chirps on it from the last shoot. Any ideas? Thanks all! AA279501.MXF
  3. I do nature sound recording as hobby and have done projects where the dialogues I recorded were synced using plural eyes. The only time code I knew was punching in and out in my day job. Now I have access to a SD 702T and am wondering how do I use time code with a C300 camera. We will have a manual slate for the takes in the project. Though I have read the C300 manual about timecode, I have no idea how to go about it, as I have never done it. Can someone please be kind enough to answer this basic question. I don't have access to any other hardware like timecode buddy etc (never touched it, just read in this forum). How do I learn? I hope the experts here can atleast point me towards some resource so that I can learn.
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