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Found 12 results

  1. Hi all, Did a search for "soldering" but didn't find a recommendation for a basic soldering gun/iron kit for a novice repair. I've got an ever growing pile of good cables that I'd love to fix - mainly 1/4 " guitar cords and XLR mic cables. Is there a good soldering kit that you'd recommend? In the meantime, back to the Youtube videos to learn more :-)) Thanks for your kind advice. Keep well, Dave
  2. Hi everyone, Im looking for some advice. I have a Sound Devices 664 + CL6 and 8 TX+RX Sennheiser G3. I need to put the RX in a stand closer to the set and bring the sound to my cart. I live in Portugal so I will have to buy it in a European store and I was thinking of having a multicore with a stagebox like the: pro snake MC 1622 (€ 179) or Cordial Multicore CYB C 12/4 (€ 322) coming from Thomann. As I have a stage box I also send the 2 booms in multicore. Is there some inconvenience or loss of sound quality in sending booms and lavaliers in a multicore like those of 30 meters (100feet). Noises? Loss of signal? Any feedback of anyone using pro Snake or Cordial cables? Thank you for your help.
  3. Hi, I have a basic question of a newbie. I got my first Sound Devices 668 (upgrade from zoom) and i want to make some short cables to easily connect and disconnect cables without having to search for inputs or outputs inside the audio bag and to protect and not to wear out the inputs and outputs of the recorder. My question is, to make a short XLR male to female (for BOOM) and XLR male to XLR female (for LAVs Sennheiser G4 RX) i just have to solder pin 1 2 3 from one end to pin 1 2 3 on the other end right (pin 1 being ground)? If i make a longer cable (75feet) for the boom or LAV i connect the same way? Are they balanced or have to link shield to one of the connectors? What about Outputs? TA3 female to stereo mini jack (for Sennheiser G4 IEM TX- sound for director) and XLR female to XLR male for L+R Out (speaker is needed) What cable do you advice for this short cables? (Already have neutrik XLR and Rean TA3) Thanks for any help.
  4. So I am doing some reading on cables and star-quad cables have come up. I am wondering if anyone has switched from balanced XLR to Star-quad inside of a Location bag/cart setup and found any noticeable/measurable difference? Currently I am using an SD 633 with Lectro 411a's and when necessary, G4s of the 100 series.
  5. Hello. I am finishing my portable sound cart this month. Cart is for film location recording. I need slightly help about internal cabling. We are using Canare L-4E5C for boom operators externally. The cart have XLR panel and i need build really short XLR patches for it. What do you recommend? It's cable quality very important on short (1 meter max) lengths? Thank you in advance. Bert
  6. I'm starting to think I should make a multi-cable camera snake for convenience's sake. I'm running a 633, occasionally people will want double-system or even single-system on camera, and I might have to go wired. Currently, I've been using separate 10m XLRs and checking the return on headphones before we roll, but I'm thinking things could be easier. I'd like to make a camera snake with 2 XLRs, a 3.5mm TRS return cable and perhaps time code on BNC. What would be an appropriate length and how could I manage to bundle the cables? I'm probably looking at cables of different diameters. I'm thinking I'd like to have access to the individual cables as well if necessary for maintenance. Zipties could be good, maybe, if I cut the ends flush?
  7. Anyone have problems with the mini jack input to the Red Epic? I've heard it to be unreliable.
  8. Hi All, Would anyone know of any sources for assorted bag-oriented custom audio cables in Toronto or Hamilton, Ontario, Canada? (In addition to Trew Audio and Audio Services). Thanks for any tips.... much appreciated. Have a great day. Cheers, Dave
  9. I'd be interested to see how many of you have ceased carrying a lengthy snake attached to your bag, to make your kit a little lighter and more compact. I know I used to have one always attached in the event of a major catastrophe befalling the hops, so I could quickly plug in. Worth doing as a fail-safe, or, lighten your load and trust the technology?
  10. I have begun a compilation of professional audio equipment suppliers as a general resource. It's an incomplete resource as of today (August 20, 2012) but there is room to grow. I have listed Gotham Audio and Pro-Sound in the East, Trew Audio in the Central region, Trew (again) in Canada and The Audio Department, Trew/Coffey and Location Sound in the West. There are other candidates for inclusion, like Mary Atias (ATS Communications) in Maryland and Vark Audio, also in Maryland, and, no doubt, some others. I held off in this initial attempt at a list since I think there should be some ground rules for inclusion and I didn't want to assume the responsibility for doing all the vetting. And, I think that participants in other countries should help to expand the list to Europe and Australia and the Far East. To be on the list, I believe that the resource should be a full-service shop. It should be an authorized dealer for most of the primary equipment used by location audio professionals. That's an ever-evolving list but would certainly include Lectrosonics, Sound Devices, Zaxcom, Sennheiser, Schoeps, Neumann, Rode, Sanken, Aaton, Portabrace, Petrol and others of that ilk. No shop will have every brand, of course, but a full service shop ought to have many lines to offer and compare. Part of being a full-service shop is offering a range of services. So, it should offer not just sales but also repairs, rentals, custom cable fabrication and related services. All of the facilities in this list provide all those services, have knowledgeable sales people and equipment specialists and can provide comprehensive assistance to anyone seeking to purchase or upgrade a recording system. I posted here, rather than in the equipment section, because I regard this as a general resource, not simply about equipment. It's my thinking that this thread should be "frozen" so that it is readily available and so new visitors to the site, seeking general advice, may be easily directed. David The first draft of the list follows in a separate post.
  11. I've been buying stuff and fluffing up my toolbox with the usual barrels, adapters, cables and connectors. Any secret weapons we should all know about for typical or atypical situations that you're finally ready to talk about? Any 'once in a lifetime' war stories are welcome.
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