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Found 6 results

  1. So I've been driving myself crazy lately with an audio issue that's really not an issue. I work with the same C300 very often, and I've been noticing some strange interference just recently. I notice it during sit down interviews when I listen to the camera return...I hear little blips like digital crickets. the thing is, audio from the mixer is clean, so it's not the mics picking up interference. I've swapped out my cables and breakaways to the camera, so it's probably not them. Every so often I just start hearing these blips, very very softly in the background. It's not something you would notice unless you're listening for it, but I hear it loud and clear now. This problem also doesn't occur on other C300's (not that I've seen yet). I also know it's not the return cable picking up interference because the crickets are on the recorded clip (I've attached that below). The clip is room tone with the chirps on it from the last shoot. Any ideas? Thanks all! AA279501.MXF
  2. Hi all, I have been asked to do sound on a 5D shoot. - Mk2 or Mk3 (TBD). - Sometimes a pair of 5Ds. - It is documentary. - We will shoot in Armenia. - No post house on board yet. - Editor not yet confirmed. - Likely to stay like that until we return from Armenia. - First production meeting Saturday. I have some obvious concerns about sync. - I have only one Lockit. - My pair of Tentacle Sync boxes might not arrive by then. So plan is: ERX on each 5D; - 5D Left track - scratch mix (for PluralEyes) - 5D Right track - TC (for AuxTC Reader) For the interviews this seems fine (they will be boarded) For the event coverage (marches, concert etc) where cams will cut & roll at will, I plan to roll a continuous take on Nomad, as much as possible. I’ve downloaded trial versions of both programs to test the workflow, when I get my hands on a camera. Questions: - Could long audio and/or video takes cause problems with this sync set up? - What is the appropriate way to pad down the TC for 5Ds mic level input? - Any suggestions for improvements to this (provisional) system? - Anyone done this before care to share their findings? Many Thanks, B
  3. The Canon C 300 has a switch for Time Code in or out, is a XF 305 the same? Are the Time Code circuits indentical in the two cameras? or is Canon making something different... I'm thinking about jamming Sound Devices Time Code through 216 Comteks on two XF 305, I would be recording...BUT have read XF 305 only takes 29.97 ND, can anyone confirm or deny that too?
  4. Need an answer to what I'm hoping is not too dumb of a question. My camera guy for these upcoming commercial shoots has sworn that he's operated his 5D with two individual tracks of audio. I don't see it being possible with just one mic input. Can it be accomplished via a splitter or a beachtek perhaps? Thanks!
  5. Hello everyone, I was hoping you could do me a big favour... For my final year project at university I made a series of promotional videos using both Digital SLR's and HDV camcorders. In my report I need some secondary research... That's where you guys come in. Basically all I need you to do is watch this video which shows the Canon 7D and the XHA1 in a series of test shots. Then pick which camera you felt performed best overall and why. You'd be helping me out a lot and if there's anything I can do to return a favour I will! Thanks! Tom.
  6. The title pretty much says it all. I'm trying to get some advice about the Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera compared to a 7D or a 5D. I'm going to be using a field mixer to record audio, but with the SLR's I haven't really found an easy fix to that problem. With the Cinema Camera I can just use stereo inputs. I plan on using a 552 by Sound Devices. Are the audio inputs on the Cinema Camera good quality? I don't want to waste such nice preamps. How does the video quality compare between the two? The reason why I started looking into the Cinema Camera was to find a device that was easier to use than one of the SLR's and because it would hopefully solve my syncing issue. After all they are primarily meant for photography even though people use them for video and therefore even though they have the same settings as video cameras they are harder to get to. However, the Cinema Camera is quite a bit more expensive than even a used 5D so I just want to get some input on what users in particular think about both devices before I justify spending the extra money. Thanks a lot. You guys have already been super helpful answering my other questions. Dimitri
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