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Found 6 results

  1. I’m a novice......but......I have a question. I need to record my voice while I drive my car. I will be narrating the drive in real time. Pointing out landmarks, naming roads, and things of that nature as I drive. Video is not something that will be in vehicle so a mic can be mounted anywhere as long as it doesn’t interfere with driving. The goal would be to get the best possible voice audio into a recorder such as a Sound Devices MixPre-3 II while keeping road noise to a minimum. I need to get recommendations on what type of microphone to use. Shotgun, lav, etc. I can mount it anywhere but a good/easy place would be the sun visor. Any recommendations on a mic inside a moving car that can keep road noise to a minimum would be greatly appreciated. Great voice audio with minimal road noise. Can it be done? Thank you.
  2. Hello all - for some time, I've been trying to get a quick setup car rig working and sounding right, for those times when I want to use my MKH50 or 8040 for car dialogue (either standalone or to supplement lavs in the visors). The lavs in visors work fine enough, although I'm not fussy on the sound reflecting back from the glass. And we all know that the challenge of putting a mic lower in the car is battling more road noise and bumps. Clamps or suction cups, for me anyways, are always a bit hit or miss...they may be in the way of a camera in the passenger seat, or they transmit road vibrations too much for my liking. So I've build a dual shockmount system that fits into most cup holders. I found that a single shockmount for the mic wasn't enough to eliminate road rumble, so I build something out of spare mounting parts I've accumulated over the years (a rycote mount) to hold the mini post. A SmallRig ball rig allows for 360 adjustment for mic direction. In the pics you are looking at a Sennheiser 8040 (with filter module) rycote baseball, and a self built mic shockmount using various strength lyres. The PVC piping is 2", and is got a $5 neoprene bottle holder to make the fit snug into cupholders but soft enough to not add rattle My rig is for those car scenes shot without the car being towed (ie engine on, talent actually driving). This happens on lower budget shoots and docs all the time. Still a work in progress, so thoughts and suggestions are welcome!
  3. I record a lot of car exhaust, using a 744t with SM58 mics. Usually this combo works really well (at least I think it does, you can see a sample at https://youtu.be/ALQn0eTXttA), but sometimes the exhaust I'm recording has a huge bottom end AND a lot of high frequency sound as well. Since the SM58's seem to be optimized for mid-frequencies, I just can't get a full-bodied sound in those cases. Can you please recommend other mic choices that give me a wider range of recording capability, but can record really LOUD sound sources like the SM58's can? Obviously I'm not a trained sound pro, so please excuse any errors in my terminology. Appreciate any help.
  4. Hello! So I have a project starting up that is around 70% car interiors. My standard setup for car interiors has been planting cardioids on consoles using some FlexiMounts, wires on talent, and some safeties up in the sun visors. I was wondering if anyone has tried any other techniques for car interiors with any success? It would be nice to audition some new setups on the project and see how they work!
  5. Hey everyone! I'll soon be working on a promo for a major car manufacturer and have been asked to record the sound of an engine as the car goes 0-60mph. I've only ever done this on a narrative shoot where the camera perspective was inside the car, but this time we need the perspective of a follow car (without getting too much of the follow car's engine of course) I'm allowed to be in either the picture car or the follow car and we can also see the microphones if necessary, but the clients would also like an option where the mics are hidden. Another mixer mentioned taping a lav under the hood, but all of the heat makes me wonder how well any adhesives would work. I had a couple ideas of my own, but instead of reinventing the wheel, I thought I just ask around here since I'm sure someone has done this before. Anyone willing to share their technique? Thanks in advance! -Alan
  6. Hi everyone, I am the developer of an indie Racing Game and i would be very happy to collaborate with someone that have skills or experience in recording sounds for games. Me and a friend started working on that project about 2 years ago and we do that on our free time. That is why the progress are kind of slow but we try our best to work on it little by little. Here is the link to our project : http://www.redline-e.com/ You can download the game for PC and MAC at the moment. But later we plan to make an Android and iOS version as well. I am a big car enthusiast myself, and i know how important are sounds in a car simulation. I would do my best with your recommendation to update the engine sound simulation inside my game. Right now its very simple. You can add as much sounds as you want, usually i go for 3 engine off throttle sounds and 3 engine on throttle sounds. I also usually add Idling sound. So, the samples are like : - 1000 rpm sample, - 2000 rpm sample, - 4000 rpm sample, - 6000 rpm sample. Then i up or down the picth to make the seemless transitions between samples. I guess that most racing game sound engine work kind of same way. As i have no recording equipment and also no skills and no experience to record car sounds, that is why i ask if someone would like to participate to our peoject. Waiting for any kind of feedback or help. Regards.
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