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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all, I am a young mixer in my mid-20's and I would like to start a family within a few years. I would be interested in hearing any advice, regrets, or wisdom regarding balancing work and family life. My biggest concern is the long working days, and the inability to spend time with my family because of that. Any wise words or comments would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Chris Scott
  2. Hi all, I'm starting a feature in a month. In a recent meeting re sound work flow with the sound designer, the dialogue editor, the picture editor and myself i came across the following that surprised me a little and to be hones upset me abit. The sound post people wanted to see if the editor could cut the picture with all the ISOs so they wouldn't have to reconform after. That I understand as it would save time, specially as this is not a big budget project and they don't have an assistant. But when enquiring why they wanted all the ISOs present in every take, bot the dialogue editor and the sound designer confirmed to me that they wouldn't be using my mix at all, that they will start from scratch from the ISOs. They also said that this is the standard practice (at least in the UK) and this guys have work with some big sound people and in big films. What surprised me is that they are prepared to re-do a job i will be already doing, without even considering hearing it first. I know that because of our 'live' situation sometimes some takes are not 100%, but to scratch it all from start seems a little wasteful and maybe, disrespectful. Not so long ago, when there was not such thing as ISOs, we would mix as many channels as needed down to a stereo or even a mono mix, and post would have to work with it. Sometimes it wasn't perfect, but that made us Production MIXERS, and made us become better at what we do. I believe that now with the option of leaving all creative decisions to the last minute, we are getting the little creative input we have taken away from us. I don't know if this is the same in the states, but i believe we offer more that a purely technical service, and we can be part of this creative process we call film making. Or am I just a bit to idealistic?
  3. Hi All Hope everyone is doing fine I was having a discussion with Film Students at a workshop recently, when the subject of Technology in charting a career in Sound came up for discussion I would like to hear your thoughts in this regard and how technology is going to influence Sound Recording in the future thanks and regards best Hari
  4. Whether it's taking up a mixing/booming role or just as an assist, I imagine that in some of you guys' long career you might have found little things that every once in a while or quite often come in handy on your projects or just something that does something nifty that some people wouldn't think of, well I hope there is something otherwise this will be awkward haha. I'm currently trying to find some work to start my career here in NZ and want to try learn and do the best I can from the getgo and obviously make mistakes to learn from along the way, I'm more of a post guy and had mentality that it's better to be the guy that fixes the problems than to be the one causing them on set as in I don't like the thought of any screw ups I make result in having to give more work for the guy in post, but reading some of the insightful information here got my confidence up on doing more production sound mixing which is primarily what I did at film school last year. Thanks guys.
  5. Hello everyone, I had originally posted this on the RAMPS google group, and was advised that I might get more feedback if I posted here. This is my first post at jwsound. I'm a former AV tech looking to transition into the world of location recording. I'm looking to volunteer, or job shadow, a location recordist to gain a bit of practical experience. I'm based in Toronto, Canada. I always show up on time, work hard, stay out of the way, and don't whine about assigned tasks. If anyone knows of opportunities for me, or if anyone has any advice for me, please reply. I will appreciate any information, and don't be afraid to be frank. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Sincerely, Marc-André Paquin
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