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Found 5 results

  1. I just bought a Sound Devices 702 --- delivery should be by or on December 2nd, 2016. After using Zoom H4N, and Marantz PMD661 (modified by Oade Brothers) I am moving up due to the wanting and needing the very quiet pre-amps of the Sound Devices. I am a Radio Producer for a Public Radio Station in the U-S , focusing on in the field interviews with scientists. Everything I produce and air, has to have great sound quality from my guests, PLUS, my radio features are very rich in natural sounds. To keep the quality of my future projects as high as possible, I plan on using my SD702 at the highest sample rate -- 192Khz -- and 24 khz bit depth. I often use the Beyerdyamic Omni Dynamic ME58 microphone for these ' in the woods ' interviews with great results. I will spend several hours in heavy woods or fields and the Beyerdynamic simply does not have any handling noise! That being said, two questions though from those of you who have already been using the SD702. (1) To save space on my CF cards on my IN-STUDIO interviews where I am not concerned with recording nature backgrounds, I am considering just recording in MONO on my SD702, BUT, then creating the "stereo" in Post production. Does anybody else do this ?? (2) Since CF Cards are generally more expensive that SD cards, do you (2-A) SAVE all of your CF Cards to act as a backup? (*Of course in addition to transferring the audio to a larger external hard drive*) OR, do you (2-B) due to the price of CF cards, do you simply back up all of your SD702 to an external hard drive , then RE-FORMAT and RE-USE the CF cards? Many thanks for any input SD702 users can give is greatly appreciated. Can't wait to get the in the field with my SD 702. Kevin Midwest/U.S.A.
  2. Has anybody else had a 788T-SSD save the first few files of the day into a previous day's folder and then the rest into the current daily one? Not the end of the world, if you aren't in a big hurry at the end of the day, but makes for a messy sound report, unless I transfer files into the correct folder on a laptop, then copy CF card to HDD folder to match. Also, I'd just kinda like to know what happened... Thanks in advance.
  3. I recently bought a brand new Delkin 32GB CF card for my 788t, and found this disturbing behavior: if the recorder is turned on while the card is already inserted, neither the internal HD or the CF card appear on the screen. It took us more than an hour of troubleshooting to figure out that the culprit was the card. After I tested the issue with all my other cards to confirm this, I went back to the vendor and asked for an exchange. We tried another card and, wouldn't you know it, we had the same issue. We looked for a card from a different batch - problem gone. In order to avoid this issue, look at the back of the packaging. At the bottom, next to the bar code, you'll see two sets of numbers: the problem card read thusly: "092415 1808737VQ". The card that eventually worked reads: "060115 1804778VU". Please talk to your vendors and make sure they look through their stock, and return the offending cards. Thanks, BK PS: This problem seems to be exclusive to the 788t, as these cards are approved both for the 7-series and the 6-series machines, but I didn't test it on my 664…
  4. Hey guys I am trying to record for the first time with my SD 664 I just got and had this warning come up; "CF Warning Media I/O Error". I checked the manual, altered some settings, to no avail. My set-up included 3 Lav's on channels 2-4. The SD card works but the CF is giving me the error. Is the CF card bad? It's brand new. Both cards I'm using (CF and SD) are approved cards on the Sound Devices website for the 664. I also was unable to reformat the card, as I was given the same error. I checked SD forums and there was a thread regarding the SD card not working, but did not see this error for the CF. Any wisdom is greatly appreciated
  5. Are folks comfortable backing up one source or temporarily archiving both CF and SD data? I have been using approved media (Delkin and SanDisk). I hand off files from either SD or CF depending on DIT setup, producers laptop config, etc. I have had no trouble with files from either the SD or CF card however there are still some stories floating around about people having trouble even with approved media <sic>. Years ago, in the early 7 series days, I would backup/archive from BOTH the IHD and CF until I felt comfortable enough to only backup from one source. Files would linger on the IHD for a time as well. For now I archive all 664 files from both sources and note which source was the deliverable. After sufficient time, I delete the redundant files from the non delivered source to reclaim space. Glen
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