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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, It seems as of this week the Sound devices CL-12 is discontinued... Why is that so?
  2. Open letter (dated 10th November 2015) to Ed Capp, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Sound Devices, LLC regarding the UK pricing of the recently announced CL-12 Dear Ed, Thank you firstly for your reply on JWSound (http://jwsoundgroup.net/index.php?/topic/26269-sound-devices-cl-12-pricing-survey/). It is encouraging to hear that Sound Devices want their international customers to have access to your equipment at a fair price - because at the present time, from my perspective, it is anything but. I would like to first make the point that I have been a dedicated Sound Devices user fo
  3. Howdy folks, Seldom do I take the liberty to appeal for help on these boards, but this occasion is something special. I'm starting a feature this coming Tuesday (with a maximum ISO track count of 12). I imported an SD CL-12 Alaia for this occasion. So basically I'm maxing out the SD 664. Here's the skinny: Brand new, out of the box, I plugged it in as per the literature and with the 3.10 Firmware still loaded, the 664 picked up the CL-12, installed the drivers and recommended the additional 5V mini USB power (I already supplied it). Just to note that before even powering up the
  4. Just took delivery of the Location Sound Corp CL-12 acrylic cover. Well made, tight fit, zero play. A must have for any CL-12 owner especially at $99.95 .
  5. Howdy fellow sound peeps! I figured i will get the ball rolling with a topic about the 633 and the CL-12 and what we want and what we think! I am about to buy one and saw that it doesnt have an EQ which i assume is a hardware limitation but i am happy to be corrected! But otherwise it looks dam sweet! Will try and give feedback once i start using it and feel free to bump this to another form if its been talked about as i couldn't find anything as of yet. Cheers, Piotr
  6. I would be grateful if mixers working in mainland Europe could post up the price of the Sound Devices CL-12 at their local dealers who are selling the . The U.K. list prices were announced this week as £1950+VAT for the standard and £2850+VAT for the P&G version. At first glance these appear to be almost 50% more than the U.S. prices and 34% more than some European prices (before any Tax applied). Now of course shipping to Europe and local import taxes need to be applied and factored in but even with these the prices announced seem to me to be far higher than compared to other SD products
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