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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, It seems as of this week the Sound devices CL-12 is discontinued... Why is that so?
  2. Open letter (dated 10th November 2015) to Ed Capp, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Sound Devices, LLC regarding the UK pricing of the recently announced CL-12 Dear Ed, Thank you firstly for your reply on JWSound (http://jwsoundgroup.net/index.php?/topic/26269-sound-devices-cl-12-pricing-survey/). It is encouraging to hear that Sound Devices want their international customers to have access to your equipment at a fair price - because at the present time, from my perspective, it is anything but. I would like to first make the point that I have been a dedicated Sound Devices user for over a decade during which time I have owned SD 302, 552, 664, 633 mixers as well as 744 & 788 recorders. I most recently purchased a 688 mixer with the intention of adding a CL-12 as soon as it was released. However those plans quickly changed following the release of the list prices by Shure Distribution (your exclusive UK distributor) which were 45%* more than your U.S. list prices and 33%* more expensive than available in Europe. When purchasing Sound Devices machines in the UK I have accepted that they cost more than they do in your home territory due to shipping, import and local distribution costs. These are understandable costs. What myself and other mixers in the UK are frustrated and disappointed with is while these costs could arguably explain the price increase over the U.S. it isn't clear why Europe mainland prices are SO much cheaper as they share these same costs? Currency exchange costs don't even explain the difference either and neither do the differences in VAT percentages within Europe (see list of prices excluding tax at the end of this letter). Faced with such price differentials I took it upon myself earlier this month to contact your other European distributors/dealers to enquire about their CL-12 pricing and the delivery charges to the UK. As a resident of Europe I should enjoy the privilege of the European Single Market which by definition "is a single market in which the free movement of goods, services, capital and persons is assured, and in which citizens are free to live, work, study and do business." (Source: http://eur- lex.europa.eu/summary/chapter/internal_market.html) so was prepared to pay the additional courier costs (if required) to purchase a CL-12 from a European dealer. However to my surprise the first two dealers replied explaining that they were unable to ship to the UK due to their contractural arrangements with Sound Devices?! Rather than asking what those business sensitive contractual arrangements are I would instead like to request clarification (publically) by Sound Devices on a more straight forward question. Do you (Sound Devices) or do you not prevent dealers within the EU from selling to end users in EU countries other than the one they are based? To be clearer as an example, should I as a UK individual or company be able to purchase a Sound Devices product from a dealer based in Slovakia, Germany or Italy? If not, why not? In your reply on JWSound you state that "Sound Devices does not have any sales policy or agreements that conflicts with EU Trade Law.". For the purposes of clarity may I ask how Sound Devices are getting around the European Single Market requirements that "there is no difference between customers anywhere in the EU. EU rules forbid discrimination between service recipients because of their nationality or where they live." (Source: http://europa.eu/youreurope/business/sell-abroad/service-providers/index_en.htm) I accept that as the supplier you are entitled to have local distributors and dealers within each European country. These dealers will understandably and quite rightly set the price of your products based on local factors. For the record I am not disputing the right for Shure Distribution to set the list price of the CL-12 at the price they have (Standard version at £1950 +VAT & Alia version at£2850 +VAT). What I am disputing is that I (and other UK based mixers) should be able to choose which European dealer we buy from based on the premise of the European Single Market. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Meanwhile I shall continue my attempts to contact European dealers I have not yet received a reply from with regards to their CL-12 pricing and delivery costs to the UK. Regards, --- Matt Bacon Location Sound Supervisor / Production Sound Mixer * The US list price to the best of my knowledge is $1995 (Standard CL-12) and $2995 (Alaia CL-12) which is roughly £1320 & £1980 respectively. * The UK list price I have been told by more than one dealer to be £1950 +VAT (Standard) and £2850 +VAT (Alaia) * Advertised online by an Italian dealer €1995 +Tax (Standard) and €2995 +Tax (Alaia) which is roughly £1420 & £2120 respectively. * Advertised online by a German dealer €2380 +Tax (Standard) and €3620 +Tax which is roughly £1690 & £2570 respectively. * Advertised online by two Netherlands based dealers €2235 +Tax (Standard) and €3395 +Tax (Alaia) which is roughly £1585 & £2410 respectively. SD CL12 Pricing Open Letter.pdf
  3. Howdy folks, Seldom do I take the liberty to appeal for help on these boards, but this occasion is something special. I'm starting a feature this coming Tuesday (with a maximum ISO track count of 12). I imported an SD CL-12 Alaia for this occasion. So basically I'm maxing out the SD 664. Here's the skinny: Brand new, out of the box, I plugged it in as per the literature and with the 3.10 Firmware still loaded, the 664 picked up the CL-12, installed the drivers and recommended the additional 5V mini USB power (I already supplied it). Just to note that before even powering up the 664 for the first time, the extra 5V feed would light up the small green power light on the Cl-12. The console powered up and I ran a quick couple of checks with the short cut keys, all great. Satisfied, I powered down and disconnected, focusing my attention on prepping the wireless workflow. On the side I decided to update the 664 firmware to 4.01, since I would probably get a Wingman in the future. A couple of days later (today) I reach the point of fine tuning my bagged mixer with receivers combo to work with the Alaia I installed in a flight case. Plug everything in and power it on... No Cl-12. The lights don't cycle on (except the green power LED). The 664 displays the menu option for the CL-12 in gray, so it can't be selected. I've tested different cables. Tried the machine on my SD 633, exact same results (gray CL-12 in the menu). Curious: previously the 5V feed would light up the green power light. Not so any more. Only once the 664/633 is connected, does the green LED light up with an inconstant pulse. Could it be that the 5V power port is bust and because of it, the CL-12 can't 'boot up'? The port of the 664 is not faulty. A keyboard works fine on it. I even rolled back to firmware 3.10. No difference. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Sincerely Louw
  4. Just took delivery of the Location Sound Corp CL-12 acrylic cover. Well made, tight fit, zero play. A must have for any CL-12 owner especially at $99.95 .
  5. Howdy fellow sound peeps! I figured i will get the ball rolling with a topic about the 633 and the CL-12 and what we want and what we think! I am about to buy one and saw that it doesnt have an EQ which i assume is a hardware limitation but i am happy to be corrected! But otherwise it looks dam sweet! Will try and give feedback once i start using it and feel free to bump this to another form if its been talked about as i couldn't find anything as of yet. Cheers, Piotr
  6. I would be grateful if mixers working in mainland Europe could post up the price of the Sound Devices CL-12 at their local dealers who are selling the . The U.K. list prices were announced this week as £1950+VAT for the standard and £2850+VAT for the P&G version. At first glance these appear to be almost 50% more than the U.S. prices and 34% more than some European prices (before any Tax applied). Now of course shipping to Europe and local import taxes need to be applied and factored in but even with these the prices announced seem to me to be far higher than compared to other SD products. I have already been in contact with SD who have promised to review the pricing (not yet promised to lower it though) and it would be helpful to have as much information about prices elsewhere when they come back to me next week. Thank you. These are some prices I have already found... €1995 +VAT http://www.nagrit.com/catalog/sound-devices-linear-fader-controller-for-the-series-p-4554.html €2995 +VAT http://www.nagrit.com/catalog/sound-devices-alaia-linear-fader-controller-for-the-series-p-4555.html €2380+VAT http://gruppe3.de/preislisten/23/SD-0020 €3620+VAT http://gruppe3.de/preislisten/23/SD-0025 €2235+VAT http://www.noyzboyz.nl/Producten/sound-devices/Recorder/sound-devices-cl12 €3395+VAT http://www.noyzboyz.nl/Producten/sound-devices/Recorder/sound-devices-cl12-alaia-blonde-maple €2235 / €3395 (Alaia) +VAT http://www.aemstore.nl/Locatie-Audio/Mixers/Tabletop-mixers/Sound-Devices-CL-12/
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