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Found 3 results

  1. I'm writing this in the hope that Sound Devices get the wishes and comments of some of the CL-Wifi users. I have been recently doing a lot of Commercial Documentaries, where the rig is on the bag and is only 1 radio (sometimes 2) and the Boom. As i haven't have to mix most of it, i put my 788t on a bag pack with the battery and radios, and have been controlling it with a CL-Wifi on an arm band. I have to say, it has made my job so much more comfortable. the weight is on the back (as it should) and i have a clear chest that makes it so much easier for booming. I even have a line of sight of levels on my arm while still looking at the boom (no more neck ache). There is just a couple of little things i would love to see on the CL-wifi, that would make this rig perfect for this situations: 1- ANDROID. iphone is no longer the most used system, and android opens the possibility of more diversity of devices, sizes and even more powerful ones (quad core). 2- 788t battery telemetry. If we can see the uv meters with almost no delay, I guess the battery readout shouldn't be a hard one. 3- Gain/Level change. I'm not hoping to replace my cl-9 or cl8 with an iPad or anything like that, but since the gain or level (depending on menu settings) is not mechanically controlled but software controlled, implementing a window to tweak it should be doable and VERY very useful. I know it is a lot to ask, but this could make the difference in this kinda situations. If any of you want to add something, please do Thanks to SoundDevices for always listening to their costumers and thanks for some kick ass products Diego
  2. did a search,didn't see much on this. I finally got the CL wifi today.downloaded the current version of the iphone app. playing with my iphone 4s its constantly losing contact w/ the network..even when its directly next to the cl unit.the antenna is out in the open direct line of sight to the iphone. I have my own wifi network in my home were I was testing today. I tried logging off the cl network,rebooting the app,etc,etc. works for a minute then goes offline again. I borrowed a friends unit over the weekend and saw the same problem..there was another wifi network at the location..I thought maybe it was just his unit with the problem. so is this the standard OP with this thing? I'd really like to lose the keyboard in my workflow and get the whole ipad thing going but this system seems really flaky to me. H
  3. FOR SALE: Sound Devices 788t SSD, CL-8, CL-WIFI, Petrol PS614 Excellent condition: (Brand New its all worth just over $8,000) Asking $7,000 for the set
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