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Found 4 results

  1. Hi All. I'm putting together an article for P3 Update for December's issue and the topic I've been given is Recording Audio in Extreme Weather. It's a short article, only 250 words and they are mainly looking for product placement so I have enough content to write it. But this article has me fascinated by the topic and I am interested in hearing people's stories about weather related problems they've encountered and how they were able to solve them. Most of my work has been bag work around LA so the weather's consistently nice. I have worked in extreme heat in the desert where dust has caused the most problems... and I've worked in the rain... but I would love to hear from all of you who have been able to work on shows like Deadliest Catch with cold and salt water... or from people who have worked in extreme cold conditions like the Arctic... or maybe struggled with extreme moisture and humidity in warm, tropical locations. Any stories you feel like sharing would be awesome! I would love to learn from your experiences. Some of the things I'm putting in the article so you don't think I'm just trying to have all of you write it for me... RAIN Condoms (non-lubricated!!) to protect transmitters. 'Mighty Fix It' (Rescue) Tape to wrap connections where the lav plugs into the TX... I've had sweat from bodies during a fitness video run down the back and short an SMv... Remote Audio's 'Rainman' as a way of helping keep moisture and the sound of raindrops off a boom mic Silica Packs - to absorb moisture and help keep gear dry M.T.O. Unlimited - Sound, Audio, and Slate slickers DESERT Dust is the main problem I've experienced... getting in everything. Connectors. Inside gear. Compressed air - to blow dust out of gear. Touch screens can be 'touchy' if left sitting in direct heat UNDERWATER Voice Technologies VT500WATER COLD Heating packs???
  2. I've done a search here on JW Sound etc and have found a couple of useful threads but not much... and I have texted/called my brains trust but thought I'd ask the oracle that is this forum... anyone have any info or advice for me on outback / desert shoot? here's a few things I've figured out or have been told: gel packs for the 788T to keep temp down (plus back up machines) fans on cart for air for kit and me careful with cables when they get hot (not so much of an issue with wireless and being cart mode, admittedly) seal Transmitter sockets to prevent sweat getting in neoprene / neopax to prevent overheat Tx from hurting actors plenty of sunscreen, loose clothing, hats fridge in back of sound van with beer/cider/cryo packed steaks... warm clothes for cold nights water bottles at the ready for hydration and gatorade powder for when dehydrated paintbrushes to keep dust out of gear, mini compressor in van to do same + canned air & mini vacuum cleaner (fine bull dust is an issue in Outback Australia). What else has everyone got? Thanks in advance, Dane info@soundengineered.com.au www.soundengineered.com.au
  3. Hi, I booked a shoot up in Fairbanks, Alaska in January and I was wondering if anyone out there had experience recording audio in sub-zero temperatures. I've never had to deal with below 25 F in my time recording audio, so I'm wondering if I should expect any problems with my ME-66. Let me know if I should expect my microphone diaphragms to freeze off or something crazy.
  4. Hey Guys! So I have big project coming up that I will be doing a lot of traveling for. I will be OMBing it. The shooting locations will primarily be high-altitude, cold environments, probably mountainous. I will be using a SD 664 for recording. My other gear includes and ME66, 2x Senn G3s with a B6, and TL40 lavs. I will be renting a Rycote zeppelin system as well. Primary cameras will be DSLRs (5d), and a high speed camera as well. The content will be primarily single subject interviews of athletes documentary style. So the interviews will take place indoors and outdoors in a variety of conditions. There may be action shots also of the athletes in their element. My goal is to capture clean, wind free dialogue (obviously), but also capture some nice ambience of the environments we will be shooting in. The production company has an Audio Technica BP4029 Stereo/MS Shotgun that they are going to let me use as well. Anyone have experience with these kinds of microphones? A few questions: -Any ideas on some wireless systems that might perform better under these conditions? I hardly trust my G3s. -Good stereo mic to rent for ambience? -Any tips on keeping the gear working in cold temperatures? -Does cold weather affect the life of NP1-style batteries? I just want to prepare my self as best as possible for this shoot. Anything helps!! Thanks
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