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Found 2 results

  1. I'm picking up my first COS-11D and i'm grateful for the input i've already received in this thread regarding TA5F to XLR solutions. I work with a couple different crews who use Sennheiser G2/G3 wireless systems. I'd like my TA5F-wired lav(s) to be compatible with these systems since i'm commonly using them. Would anyone recommend the professional's version (not found on Ebay, not 25 dollars) of this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/171376718565? All my Googling has turned up very little. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello Hive Mind, I recently bought a second hand UH400a plug on Tx to use with my UCR211 Rx. I read the manual, and followed the instructions to set the UH400a to 200 compatibility mode. I've tried this several times. The Tx LEDs blink the correct amount of times. The Rx shows full RF reception. However, the results are not good. How to best describe the sound... muddy, low level, constant hiss, massive compander pumping sound. The connector is a little loose/wobbly, and does crackle a little when touched/wobbled. It makes very little difference where the Tx gain is set, the problems are audible regardless, but I would say the level is low in general, as the Tx has to have it's gain control cranked pretty far to the right to actually get SOME level registering at the Rx, plus there's the absence of any frequency beyond a hi-mid. I've been using Lectro UM200c Tx's with my 211 Rxs for over a year and they sound great since I became aware of how to drive an analogue system for best signal to noise ratio. This is not merely compander noise. Has anybody here experienced a similar problem with the UH400a in 200 compatibility mode they can share here for some insight? Does anybody have any suggestions? In addition to the above, I've tried - bypassing pilot tone on the Rx - switching between different levels of phantom power (the mic operates pretty well the same on 15v and 48v) - multiple Rx's I am using a Rode NTG3. The mic works fine when cabled EDIT - Just realised, as I was listening to the god awful sound, that when I touch any of the trim knobs on the 664, there is a great big hum that appears, and disappears when I take my finger off. This happens regardless of whether the mic/Tx are in my hand or not. It does not happen when the same mic is cabled. Cheers, Travis
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